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Szentendre Travel Guide, Hungary

The city of the artists, the city with a Mediterranean atmosphere, and the Szentendre Island are just a few things that can help you create an image of the captivating Szentendre.

Szentendre, Travel guide – Location

A picturesque Hungarian city, Szentendre is located nearby the capital city, Budapest, on the banks of the Danube River, but it is also not far from Bratislava, just 109 miles

Szentendre, Travel guide – Geography

The city’s general landscape is marked by the surrounding low hills and by the beautiful Danube Valley. The surrounding hilly area offers gorgeous views, they are a part of the Transdanubian Hills and the most important among them is the Pilis Hill with the maximum height of 757m.

The town, also known as the Szentendre Island has a temperate continental climate with four different seasons. Summers here are very hot reaching temperatures of even 35ºC and winters are cold with a minimum temperature of -28ºC. All seasons receive little amounts of rainfall except spring and autumn when precipitations are a bit higher. A frequent weather related phenomenon here is the fog which appears frequently due to the lack of strong winds in the area.

The most important element of the local hydrographic network is the Danube River with its beautiful promenades and small beaches.

Szentendre, Travel guide – Flora and Fauna

The local flora and fauna is typical for this topographical region represented by numerous species of animals, birds and plants. The most representative specie for the local flora is the oak found especially in the numerous parks all over town and the weeping willows bending over the clear waters of the river.

The abundant vegetation is a perfect place for a various fauna especially birds both local and migratory. A spectacular presence in this respect is the swan that can be admired by tourists, floating on the waters of the river.

Szentendre, Travel guide –Transport

Getting to Szentendre can be easily made by any mean of transport. The easiest for anyone is by air, arriving on the Ferihegy International Airport in Budapest and then renting a car, taking a taxi or the suburban train will get you to Szentendre. You also have the option of the ferry that operates regular tours from Budapest or the bus that will also get you to Szentendre in abut half an hour.

The most pleasant way to travel would be by car due to the fact that you will get the chance to visit anything you like whenever you like.

Szentendre, Travel guide – Population and Economy

Szentendre numbers about 20.000 people, with important increases in the summer months when tourists arrive in large numbers to visit the city and its surroundings. Most of the locals are Magyars followed by Germans, Slovaks and Serbs and their predominant religion is the Roman Catholic one.

The local economy is mainly based on agriculture represented by important areas covered with vineyards, and tourism. The incomes of many locals are strongly linked to the nearby capital city and the Szentendre’s numerous tourist attractions.

Szentendre, Travel guide – Cuisine

Szentendre travel guide recommends the traditional local cuisine which is very appreciated among tourists visiting Szentendre but still, one can find also international cuisine in almost any restaurant and pub. The traditional food is mainly based on pork, veal and lamb meat, local vegetables, diary products and many spices. Some of the dishes that you should definitely try in Szentendre are the goulash, a soup made of vegetables and different types of meat, hideg meggyleves, which is a sour cherry soup, the gundel pancakes, flambé pancakes with wallnuts, dark chocolate. Another local treat is the langos, which is a fried dough served whith sour crean and cheese and the marzipan cakes served in a place specialized in marzipan.

Almost all dishes have as main ingredients sweet and hot red peppers, red onions and thick sour cream.

Every savoury dish served here will surely be accompanied by a local vine, very appreciated for its flavour and texture.

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  • angelRelaxing in Szentendre
    review by angel posted more then 30 days ago
    Our ship stopped near the old center of Szentendre. Of course here are the most of the souvenir shops of the town :) Many of the tourists stop here and buy something... there are hand-made things, paintings, old photos, postcards and of course many other things too which are totally useless, they...
  • szbogiHow to get to Szentendre
    review by szbogi posted more then 30 days ago
    Szentendre is a beautiful little city near the capital of Hungary, Budapest. The historical city center is the best part of it :) Cars are not allowed in, there are many little shops with hand-made things, and if you climb some stairs you reach a church from where you can see a big part of the...
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  • angelEating in Szentendre
    travel tip by angel posted more then 30 days ago
    If you are at the central square of the city you will see a place labeled 'Langos'. Langos is the name of a kind of pancake which can be served with sugar or something else, but it is always delicious. Bon appetit!
  • angelVisiting Szentendre on the Danube river
    travel tip by angel posted more then 30 days ago
    When you visit Szentendre I recommend you to get there by ship. You can take a ship from Budapest to Szentendre and back only for a few euros - the experience and the scenery will be great!
  • szbogiEating 'Langos' in the center of the city
    travel tip by szbogi posted more then 30 days ago
    If you are exactly in the center of the city, you will see a narrow street with stairs between two buildings. On the wall near the street is a sign 'Langos'. This is a hungarian food and it's very delicious :) It's a kind of pancake, but...
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