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Szeged History, Hungary

Szeged is a county town found in Csongrad County, Hungary. It is the biggest town in the south-eastern part of the country with a population of 163,000. Szeged is the fourth biggest city in Hungary and the capital of the South-Eastern Region of the country. More facts in Szeged History are provided below.

Szeged History – Pre-Historic Life

As early as the sixth millennium BC, the area where Szeged is located had already been inhabited. According to accounts, people who settled in the area cultivated lands. They also bred animals. By the 1st millennium BC, people who came from the southern part settled in Szeged and constructed huge earth pyramids known as the Cumanian mounds.

By the 3rd century BC, the Celts dominated most of the area. Since this was considered as the Iron Age, developing weapons was rampant and wars between tribes increased.

Szeged History – Early History

The area where Szeged is located was first called Partiscus. Ptolemy gave the place this name in the mid-2nd century AD. Partiscus, at that time, was controlled by the Gepids for over two centuries. After that, the Huns conquered the region and then the Avars.

By the end of the 9th century, the Hungarians arrived at the place and took control of it. This incident started the building of a country. The territory was divided by the tribe leaders amongst them and the area where Szeged is located was given to a tribe ruler named Ond. The town was first mentioned as Szeged in 1183 when King Bela III permitted three ships to pass through the town.

Szeged History – 14th to 16th Century

When the Anjou Kings ruled Hungary, Szeged greatly benefited, as it became one of the centers for commerce in the country. Trading with other towns and regions was a breeze for Szeged. Add to this, when the Turks eyed on Hungary, the town became a strategic spot for the country’s force. Defensively, Szeged grew to be more formidable. When King Matthias ruled Hungary, he gave considerable privileges to the town. These included grazing rights and customs exemption.

Szeged’s neediest serfs were unified by Gyorgy Dozsa and rose against the sovereign of the country. This uprising ended in vain when its leader was executed and his head was sent back to the town as a warning to anyone who would want to go against the ruler.

Szeged History – 18th and 19th Century

One of the major events in Szeged History was when it was accorded the royal town status on May 21, 1719 and soon after given more privileges. The day is still celebrated by the citizens of the town and is known as Szeged Day.

Szeged embraced the industrial revolution. With new machineries being invented, came the expansion and further development of the town. The most important constructions of the town during this era were the dykes. Since Szeged is bordered by rivers, flooding wasn’t a rare sight in areas near Tisza. The dykes prevented further flooding. However, one of the biggest tragedies occurred in 1879 when the water breached one of the dykes causing the destruction of the whole town. The whole of Hungary united and helped Szeged back to its feet. Countries from all over the world also helped with the reconstruction of the town.

From this act of unity sprang the new Szeged you can see today. With chic manors, neat boulevards and avenues, Szeged is seen as the most stunning town in Hungary. Try to compare it with other notable facts in Europe like those found in Budapest History and Satu Mare Travel Guide.

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    Szeged is the capital of Csongrad County near the Hungarian border, on the Great Plain and it is the fourth largest city of the country. The territory was populated since the New Stone Age although the city was established later, on three larger islands raised from the flood basin on the left...
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