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Guyana Travel Guide
Guyana Travel Guide
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Guyana Travel Guide

Guyana Travel Guide

Pristine beaches, impenetrable rain forests, vivid and modern cities, wild rivers, misty waterfalls and high mountains. These are just a few reasons for you to choose Guyana as you next vacation destination. It’s a piece of paradise.

Guyana Travel Guide – Geography

Located in the northern part of the South American continent and bordered by Brazil in the south, Surinam in the east, Venezuela in the west and the Atlantic Ocean in the North, Guyana is one of the most wanted holiday destinations.

The country is a land with extremely diverse landscape, with enchanting waterfalls that stand as a symbol of the country, high mountains, reaching 2810m in Roraima Peak and beautiful coastal regions with mangroves, lagoons and sand bars. The climate is tropical with two rainy seasons, humidity having an important role in maintaining vegetation, especially the tropical forests, and water sources. Temperatures are different from one region to another, milder on the coastal regions, and hotter in the inland areas, creating a perfect ambiance for a sunny vacation.

There are also several islands that belong to Guyana: Hog Island, Leguan Island and Wakenaam Island.

Historically, Guyana’s original inhabitants were the Amerindians and were later colonized by the Dutch and British. The independence was obtained on 26 May 1966.

Guyana Travel Guide – Flora and Fauna

Guyana’s abundant flora and fauna can be observed in two protected areas: the Kaieteur National Park and the Iwokrama Wilderness Preserve. Situated in central Guyana, the Kaieteru National Park is famous for its magnificent waterfall and rainforest, home of many exotic plant and animal species. Iwokrama Wilderness Preserve is the home of the jaguar and of an important part of the Amazonian forest.

Guyana Travel Guide – Tips for Tourists

Guyana has an increasing number of visitors every year, due to the amazing tourist attractions, great accommodation, and local hospitality. If you want to be one of them, when organizing your holiday, you must know that there are some countries that still need a visa to enter. A six months valid passport and an onward plane ticket are also required. For more accurate information you must contact an embassy or a local consulate office.

The local currency is the Guyana Dollar and it can be converted at a local “cambio”, bank or hotel.

Guyana Travel Guide – Transport

Guyana has a well developed transport infrastructure especially on the coastal area, easing the access for the numerous tourists that visit the country every year. Travelers can get here especially by air, reaching the only international airport of the country, Cheddi Jagan International Airport, by sea with one of the many boat or ferry companies, or by car.

Getting around Guyana is possible by boat on the many navigable rivers of the country, by car on the paved roads and by special 4x4 cars if you want to visit some less accessible roads.

Guyana Travel Guide - Resorts

Guyana is offering a lot from many points of view. Tourist attractions and outdoor activities for both adventurers and people looking for relaxation, varied accommodation, vivid nature at each step and rich wildlife are the reasons why this is such a visited country. For first class service and accommodation Hotel Buddy’s is the perfect choice, offering luxurious, well equipped rooms, many facilities for business men and families as well, swimming pool, a wonderful terrace by the pool, gym, tennis court, international and traditional cuisine and magnificent view from each room.

For the ones willing to discover the rich culture and traditions of these lands, Dadanawa Ranch is a great place, one of the most important cattle ranch in the country, with all inclusive accommodation, many related activities, hiking trips in the neighbor villages, boat trips, horse riding and bird watching.

For people looking for a nature connected holiday spot, located at the meeting point of the rainforests with the Pakaraima Mountains, Rock View Lodge is the best place. The hotel offers clean, cozy rooms, hammocks for a good sleep in the garden or for relaxing in the sun, swimming pool and traditional cuisine.

No matter the choice you will make it will be an experience to remember.

Guyana Travel Guide - Cuisine

Guyanese cuisine has the features of the Caribbean cuisine using seafood, fish, local fruits, many spices and aromatic herbs. Traditional dishes are the Pepperpot, a combination of meat and spices, Metemgie, a soup with dumplings and coconut, Gumbo, another sort of soup, many rice and seafood dishes and also tropical fruit desserts.

They also have some types of home cooked bread, traditional drinks like the mauby, sorrel, ginger beer and rum, all made of different plants and roots.

The main flavor in all Guyanese dishes is the curry and the hot pepper, an influence from the Asian, actually the Indian cuisine, and widely appreciated by the locals.

A mix of Caribbean and south American scents, Guyana amazes any tourist with its natural wonders. The rich, generous nature and the friendly locals will give you all the reasons to enjoy a perfect holiday.


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