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Stuttgart History, Germany

The first historical information we have about Stuttgart dates back from the 1st century AD, once with the Roman domination over the region of Cannstatt. Two centuries later Alamanni managed to regain their right here and for the next few years nothing was heard again about this area.

Stuttgart is believed to have been founded in 950 AD. Due to its prosperous landscapes, people from those times used to breed their animals in this region, especially cavalry horses and later on, Merovingian farmers established their homes here.

The 14th century is an important one, as Stuttgart was given the nomenclature “Territorialstaat”, meaning the capital of the counts of Württemberg. Twenty years later it started to function as a real city and the official residence of royalty. Thus, the city became one of the most important settlements of the greatest Dutch dukes.

Stuttgart, History- 19th and 20th century

The 19th century made acquaintance with a prosperous city, capital of the Kingdom of Württemberg, when it went through a period of economical revival. Due to its importance and development, more and more people established their homes here and led a fulfilled life.

During the revolution of 1848, Stuttgart was the place where the most important members of Frankfurt Parliament fled, in order to get rid of the political problems of that time.

At the end of the First World War, Stuttgart was again proclaimed capital of the Free State of Württemberg. The Nazi regime forced this amazing city to deport its Jewish inhabitants, the history stating that only those Jews coming from Württemberg, that were held in concentration camps managed to survive.

World War Two destroyed almost the entire city. For a while this territory was occupied by the French Army and once with the American involvement and the creation of the Marshall Plan, the reconstruction and the economical and political recovery of the city was intended. Just like Frankfurt, Stuttgart got involved in the contest for becoming the federal capital, but lost it to Bonn.

Stuttgart, History- nowadays

Today Stuttgart is one of the headquarters of the United States military forces in Europe and has the role of Stadtkreis, which is a type of urban county that self-administrates itself. It is also the seat of regional council and the Protestant State Church of Württemberg. If you take a look at this short resume of this beautiful city’s past, you will realize that its agitated history only helped it to become what it is today, as well as Berlin History or Munich History represents an evolution towards the imminent present.

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