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Ravensburg Nightlife, Germany

Beisdes it´s historical and architectural sights, Ravensburg has also got something to offer to enjoy the nights. A lot of bars, clubs and restaurants are located in the centre and the wider area around it, where you can have a good dinner, enjoy drinks, listen different music styles or just simply drink a beer.

For every taste you can find here something. Of course not as much as in a big city, but for the local area, much is being offered to spent you sparetime and after work parties.

If you want to have a good dinner, within a well situated restaurant, you really have to got to the "Waldhorn". It´s owner has been awarded points by the well known french restaurant guide Gault-Millau.It´s located, like many others at the main plaza of Ravensburg, called "Marienplatz".



Albert Bouley

Marienplatz 15

88212 Ravensburg

phone: 4975136120

Fax: 49 (0) 75 1-36 12 100


If you just want to havea good lunch or dinner you can also go to the Restaurant "Engel". It serves real german food and also better things.


Gasthof Engel Schmalz & Schneider GmbH

Marienplatz 71

88212 Ravensburg

phone: 497513636130fax: 497513636130


If you only want to eat some good finger food or just some appetizers you should visit the "Cafe Central". There you can also relax and enjoy good drinks in a quiet and stimulating atmosphere.


CENTRAL Café Bar Restaurant

Marienplatz 48

88212 Ravensburg

phone: 4975132533

fax: 4975132539


If you want to have an good breakfast, you can try the new restaurant "Wilderer", also like the others before located at the Marienplatz. Later at night you can also enjoy there drinks in a stimulating area, then switching to some kind of chilled night club.



Marienplatz 16 - 18

88212 Ravensburg

phone: 497513525981

fax: 497515069930

If you prefer clubbing, you can also visit several locations within the city area. Depending on your music taste, you can choose where to go.

If you like charts music and similar things, you should go to the club "Kantine", located near to the railwaystation. People who usually go there are between 20 and 30, but also older ones go there, it´s always mixed. Depending on the days, there is often special music. Directly next to the club, there is also an restaurant.



restaurant bar club

Am alten Gaswerk 1

88212 Ravensburg

phone: 497513542390

Not far away from that club there is another club, called "Gonzales". Usually people from 30 go there. There are often special events you can see at their homepage.


Galerie Gonzales

Escher Wyss Str.2

88212 Ravensburg

phone: 497513524813

Also directly next to it is the club "Hugos". Mainly the younger ones go there, but the location itself is not bad.


Club Hugos

Escher Wyss Str.2

88212 Ravensburg

And last but not least, there is the club "Douala", an underground club, where often well known DJ´s work. The music style isnt mainstream and the club has got its own flair, you like it or not.


Club Douala

Schubertstrasse 2

88214 Ravensburg

phone: 4975131577


You can see, that even for a smaller town like Ravensburg, you can choose out of a wide variety of restaurants, bars and clubs and you dont have the time to show up all here. You should really visit that city at once, if you are near.

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  • WazlingRestaurant Walfisch
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    If you are looking for a good restaurant for having lunch in the city center, i recommend the 'Walfisch', in english it means Wale. It´s an good place for italian food like pizza and pasta. At lunch time it´s always very crowded,...
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    If you like frinkimng a cup of coffe or eat good food in a quiet and good looking restaurant and bar. It lies directly in the medieval city center of Ravensburg and the view is great.
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