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Munster History, Germany

Known as an independent city, Munster has had it shares of the combination of good and bad occurrences. These events are accounted in Munster History and had shaped it to what it is today. Therefore, the events in Munster’s history are worthy of documentation the same way that Frankfurt History deserves all the praises.

Munster History – Early Years

In 793, the missionary Liudger was directed by Charlemagne to convert the Saxons, his rivals, into Christianity. Charlemagne had asked to construct a church on the Horsteberg hilltop called the “monasterium.” From this word, the name Munster was obtained.

After Liudger was ordained as Munster’s bishop, he established the school Gymnasium Paulinum around 797 AD. Soon after, many establishments were built in Munster: marketplace, school, and library. The city had then become a significant center in both commerce and episcopal administration. During the Dark Ages, the city of Munster became a principal member of the Hanseatic League.

Munster History – Renaissance and Industrialization

The Munster Rebellion erupted in the early 1500s and the Anabaptists took over the rule in Munster. The new government established a democratic proto-socialistic federation. They had taken over all properties in the city, and set all books on fire excluding the Bible.

John of Leiden had wanted to rule over the entire world and cleanse it of evil through the use of the sword. This, according to him, was supposedly a preparation for the Second Coming of Jesus. John was not able to fulfill his plans because in 1535, Munster was recaptured. The group of John was persecuted to death.

Munster became one of the institutions from which modern Europe was constructed after the Eighty Years’ War. An educational milestone was attained by the city in 1780 when the University of Munster was instituted.

In 1802, when the Napoleonic Wars broke, the city was occupied by Prussia and became the capital of Westphalia. After almost a century, Munster opened its harbors after it had been linked to the Canal Dortmund-Ems. Finally in 1924, Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR) - a television and radio company - was built.

Munster History – World War II

Munster became the control center of the German Wehrmacht’s 6th Armed Forces District during the World War II. Because of the presence of the Armed Forces in the city, Munster was not able to escape from the eye of the Allied forces. The city became one of the main targets of the Alliance. Due to the air bombings, Munster suffered a 91% destruction of the Old City and an overall 63% annihilation of the whole city.

Munster History – Post-World War II

Munster was rebuilt to its old state in the 1950s. Many buildings were reconstructed, although some were built in a more low-cost budget. From 1974, Munster became the residence of Moondog, an American artist.

The Central European Olympiad in Informatics was held in Munster in 2003. A year after this, Munster was given the LivCom Award (an honorable distinction) for being the most habitable city in the world.

Munster History proved that the city is worth of where it is today. It was shaped by a lot of ups and downs. Look into other guides in Germany like those seen in Bremen Sights.

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