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Hamburg Nightlife, Germany

Ongoing and exciting! These are the words which will best describe the nightlife in Hamburg, Germany. Its club sight is a sanctuary for party people. Here, you will definitely find what fits your fancy. Even the university towns provide a booming nightlife. There’s no better place in Germany to splurge your nights but in Hamburg. Hamburg is absolutely the place-to-be so don’t be left behind for a long night in this part of Germany.

The city is popular for its active nightlife, especially because of ever-famous St. Pauli and Reeperbahn. Looking for traditional kneipe or German pub, an urbane cocktail bar, a jazz beat, techno or disco? All are here in Hamburg.

1.   Reeperbahn - Commercial Hamburg succeeded in transforming commercialized sex into a tourist attraction. Reeperbahn is located at St. Pauli’s eastern section of the city’s center. It is a half-of-a-mile street. The name means “rope street” that refers to the immense quantity of hempen rope generated in the 18th to 19th century intended for the ships of Germany's largest harbor. Reeperbahn is considered as one of the city’s greatest attraction.

Its famous police station, the Davidwache, found at the bend of Reeperbahn and Davidstrasse, gives very discernible and all-pervading police security. Mornings at St. Pauli are indifferent since practically everyone is burned out from enjoying the previous night. But, mid-afternoons brightens a bit.

2.   Herbertstrasse - The exclusive and posh area allows these women to flaunt their appeal to the window shoppers. The city ordinance opens this certain street only to men above 18 years old. Cheap rents can also be located on nearby streets of Herbertstrasse like Erichstrasse, Davidstrasse, Gunterstrasse, Friedrichstrasse, and Gerhardstrasse. Many women here came from the Eastern bloc.

3.   Grosse Freiheit or the Great Freedom - A place where erotic theaters are found. Sexual expressions along with plausible variation are shown in theaters in the area, whether it’s blissful or sickening. You will not be solicited during an act as municipal rules and regulations prohibit prostitution and explicit solicitation within the erotic theaters. However, nothing is prevented from any member of the viewers who wants to perform. Also, there is nothing that will ban performers to set up any off-premise appointment. The Off-the-record establishments include Safari wherein you will likely locate the press representative. Expect to shell out some bucks for a beer.

4.   Erotic Art Museum - Also within the area of Great Freedom, this establishment is clandestinely owned and financed. It is prohibited to individuals who are under 16 years of age. It is able to present its displays in a unique way which is both intellectual and sensual with its street gift shops that feature erotic reads. There are admissions for adults as well as students.

Despite the fog and the humid chill which are inevitable parts of your Hamburg experience, the district's theaters and bars come roaring away by 8pm. And by midnight until 5am, enjoy the night away with hundreds and thousands of men and women drag along the neighborhood. The Germans notable ventured to honor their working girls by creating the infamous St. Pauli Girl - Hamburg’s native beer.

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  • WazlingHamburg has a lot to offer
    review by Wazling posted more then 30 days ago
    Last time i have been at Hamburg, i havent had much time, but you could see, that thecity has got much to offer. A lot of shops in the inner city and you can find everywhere a place to sit down and enjoy a coffe. Also a wide variety of restaurants and bars are located there. If you like playing,...
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  • MadSuhEat at 'Das Weisse Haus'
    travel tip by MadSuh posted more then 30 days ago
    I really enjoyed my dinner here the other night. Although it's not cheap by any means, the food and atmosphere are great and the service is even better. I had some nice tuna tartar, followed by blood sausage on Apple, finished by beef...
  • WazlingThe famous fish markets
    travel tip by Wazling posted more then 30 days ago
    If you are at the city and if you like fish or other sea food, you definitels should go to the fish markets of Hamburg Altona. You have to get up a little bit early, but there you get the freshest fish you can get.
  • WazlingReeperbahn Street is Hamburg
    travel tip by Wazling posted more then 30 days ago
    Right in the heart of Hamburg's Saint Paul district lies the Reeperbahn Street, the center of the German city's nightlife. There are clubs and nightclubs everywhere, and the area also gives home to the red-light district of the city. ...
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  • Rating77%
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  • Outdoors Activities: rated for 70%
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