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Friedrichshafen History, Germany

Friedrichshafen not as old as many other cities in the area. It was created in 1811, when the former "freie Reichststadt" Buchhorn was put together with the nearby village "Hofen" and the monastery.

Under the rule of the house of Württemberg, the city Friedrichshafen was named after the first King of "Baden Württemberg", Friedrich I. He gave the city trading privilege, which brought a great economic rise and made the place growing.

In the 19th century the city was the summer residence of the kings. Under king Wilhelm I. a new economic boost begun and a lot of foreign people were attracted, even high officials. Also tourists started to visit Friedrichshafen, even the russian Zar Alexander II. came to that place.

In 1841, the first part of the royal Württember Railway was opened, leading from Friedrichshafen to Ravensburg. On july 1850, you could go by train on the whole railroad track by Württemberg from Heilbronn to Friedrichshafen.

1869 goods transport over the lake of constance started, connected with the railway

But one of the most famous man in the age of industrialization of Friedrichshafen was the count Zeppelin. He began the construction of his Airships at the end of the 19th century. Hi first ship started on 2 july 1900. Graf Zeppelin starb 1917, but the airship project was kept on, now by Wilhelm Maybach.

In 1915, the company "Zahnradfabrik Friedrichshafen" was founded, whose development was pushed further by the first world war. The industry developed ver well after the end of the war.

During the nazi time, the nazis used Friedrichshafen as an recreation centre. But the most important things was the industry, that was very important for war. There were four companies:

The "Luftschiff Zeppelin GmbH", Maybach Motorenbau, Zahnradfabrik Firedrichshafen, Dornier Werke.

This was the reason, why Friedrichshafen heavily bombed during the war and and had to be rebuilt. Rebuilding phase begun 1950 and lasted 6 years till 1956.

The city population grew very fast to more than 53000 people. Due to that fact i became head of the "Bodenseekreis".

In 1992 the last french garrison was dissolved.

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