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Steyr Travel Guide, Austria

Steyr, Travel Guide – Location

Steyr is located in central Austria at the confluence of two important tributaries of Danube, the Enns and Steyr River. Steyr travel guide presents the main features of this flourishing industrial city.

Steyr, Travel Guide – Topography and Climate

Located on a river valley and surrounded by snow capped mountains, Steyr is one of the most picturesque Austrian cities. The convergence of the two rivers is one of the main landmarks in the city along with the old medieval district, a must see attraction for any tourist arriving in Steyr.

Climate in the city is temperate continental with four distinct seasons each bringing important differences in temperature and precipitations. Summers are usually warm with moderate rainfalls, temperatures rarely exceeding 26ºC while winters bring lots of snow and cold weather with an average of -5ºC. The best season to visit the city is the warm period of the year, while between November and March you can come here to enjoy a weekend on the ski slopes.

Local hydrograph network is quite rich and is represented by the two large rivers, the Enns and the Steyr. Steyr River is a tributary of Enns, their confluence forming a famous “Y” shape within the city, which later meets the Danube somewhere near Enns City.

Steyr, Travel Guide – Flora and Fauna

Located in a forested surrounding and along two important water flows the local flora is very diverse represented by tree species such as oak, beech and even fir and pine. Along the river and wetlands vegetation abounds and is well adapted to this environment, the most common species being the weeping willows, poplars and alders.

Fauna is mainly present in the less urbanized areas of the city where animals are less disturbed by human and industrial activities. The most common mammal species met here are the stag, deer, hare, foxes and rodents along with numerous species of birds like the pheasant and partridges, wild geese, swans and so on.

Steyr, Travel Guide – Population

Steyr is a rather small city, housing a number of 40.000 people, but is one of the most important industrial centers in Austria. The official language in the city is German which is spoken along with English especially in tourism connected service. Local economy in Steyr is based on automotive and arms industry as well as on tourism which brings ever growing numbers of tourists every year. The old city and all medieval buildings found here are extremely well preserved, the streets and houses still keeping the atmosphere of those times when watch guards of the fortress walked along the streets of the city dressed traditionally and keeping a lantern in their hand. Regarding the other economic activities we can only say that they are prolific and known worldwide through their high quality products.

All these economic aspects have a determinant effect over the locals’ life, people from Steyr having one of the highest living standards in Austria and Europe.

Steyr, Travel Guide – Culture and Arts

With a history of over a thousand years, Steyr is a still growing and developing city but cherishing its traditions and customs and more than that sharing the experience with hundreds of tourists which visit it every year. The city is popular for its gothic buildings, excellent preserved medieval fortress and Babenberg Castle, all architectural monuments created by famous artists. Steyr has also been a cultural centre throughout time attracting numerous artists, writers and musicians like Franz Schubert who spend a period of his life here and wrote some of his famous compositions while living in the city.

Nowadays the main cultural and artistic centers in Steyr are the Arbeitswelt Museum, St. Michael’s Church, Steyr Altes Theatre and other such places.

Steyr, Travel Guide – Transport

Steyr is located at an important railway and highway meeting point, having good connections with nearby Linz or Vienna. Tourists can arrive in the city by air, reaching the nearest airport in Linz and then take the shuttle bus to Steyr. Buses or rented cars are also good options due to the modern and efficient speedway and roads network found in this area.

Steyr, Travel Guide – Festivals

The most popular and appreciated festivals in Steyr are the Schubert Festival and Steyr Music Festival which enchant locals with lots of good music whether is classical or modern and numerous related activities.

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