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posted by seovnts on 26 Apr 2012
Sightseeing in Vietnam
Captivating natural beauty, tranquil villages, serene lakes, ancient pagodas, beautiful lakes and what not, Vietnam is a place that bounds to attract tourists from all over the world. Home to more than 75 million people, Vietnam is known for its wars and historical sites. Going on Tours to Vietnam is no wonder a treat for the history lovers, as there is a lot to watch out for in Vietnam.
We, at Asiarooms are here to enlighten you with the major sightseeing cities of Vietnam. For your quick reference we are providing a short account of major sightseeing places in Vietnam below.
Hanoi: Located in the Red River Delta, Hanoi is the capital of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. Founded during the reign of King Ly Cong Uan in 1010AD, Hanoi enjoys a perfect location at he heart of North Vietnam. Come and explore more than 600 pagodas during sightseeing in Vietnam. If you miss visiting the spectacular Hoan Kiem Lake during sightseeing in Hanoi, you miss half the fun!
Ho Chi Minh City: Located on a huge bend in the Saigon River in south of Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City is till date commonly known as 'Saigon'. It was in 1975, when its name was officially changed as 'Ho Chi Minh City'. Sightseeing in Ho Chi Minh City can be best enjoyed walking or on a cycle. Botanical Gardens, Saigon Central Mosque, Notre Dame Cathedral and Saigon River are some of the places worth visiting during sightseeing in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam.
Hue: Formerly the political capital of Vietnam from 1802 to 1945, Hue is till date one of the popular tourist attraction of Vietnam. Let yourself be enchanted at the sight of magnificent architecture of the citadels, royal tombs, palaces and temples of Hue during your sightseeing tours in Vietnam. Get to know about the glorious history of Vietnam with a visit at Hue.
Hoi An: Located perfectly on the banks of the Thu Bon River, Hoi An was one of the major trading centers of Southeast Asia. Come and have fun exploring the historical ruins of the Sa Huynh and Champa cultures at Hoi An during your sightseeing tours in Vietnam. Not only this there is much more to watch out for in Hoi An like the romantic Thu Bon River, Cham and Cua Dai Beach.

Belle responded to Sightseeing in Vietnam on 27 Apr 2012
Vietnam is surely a beautiful place, the whole South East Asia has got something magical... Maybe only because it is just so different from Western cultures, but it amazes me.
zsoldicsa responded to Sightseeing in Vietnam on 29 Apr 2012
One of my friends was in Hanoi for over a week and said she loved it, the people were super nice and it was all like a different universe - in a positive way. :P
Wazling responded to Sightseeing in Vietnam on 10 May 2012
Is the capital city Ho chi Minh City or Hanoi? I can't remember.
juliamorvane responded to Sightseeing in Vietnam on 24 May 2012
The capital of Vietnam is Hanoi. It is an ideal destination to see, to do and to experience. I like it so much. I went to Vietnam 2 times. Each time, I spent 3- 4 days in Hanoi. A peaceful and beautiful city with many wonderful sites, museums, ancient temples and pagodas, delicious food and especially, friendly local people. I walked around Hoan Kiem Lake, breath fresh air, see fisherman, people doing morning exercise. It offered me to get away hustle and bustle daily life. Taking a cyclo in the Old Quarter in Hanoi is very exciting. A good way to see, to explore Hanoi style. The museum of Ethnology and The Temple of Literature attract many visitors: students of all levels, elderly people... I met a group of students of a primary school. They are lovely, nice. They always say "Hello" when they meet foreigners. I really like them and took photos with them. they only said some basic english words but I liked them very much.
I also spent some days in other destinations such as Halong Bay, Sapa, Hue, Hoi An and Ho Chi Minh City. All of them are beautiful and worth to see.
I appreciated Vietnamese food. Vegetable and fruits are fresh. Vietnamese dishes are delicious. I am interested in food Street. Delicious with special taste and cheap cost.
However, traffic in Vietnam is terrible. Many people break law.
cristina responded to Sightseeing in Vietnam on 27 May 2012
NIce post. Thanks for sharing.

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