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posted by zlori on 12 May 2009
While visiting Stonehenge, can I get near the stones or only watch them from a distance? I've heard that it is wired; if it's so, it isn't very interesting to watch it from some 50 meters through a fence.
Wazling responded to Stonehenge on 13 May 2009
Stohenge is wired. Normally you cant access it. It was wired in the past because of vandalism.
I think the only possibility to get in there is with the university.
But nevertheless it´s atnoishing to watch an monument, built in 2500-2000 before christ. If you are planning a trip to UK and you are close, go and take a look.
Guinevere1988 responded to Stonehenge on 14 May 2009
Stonehenge is wired, you can't get close to it to touch the stones. I heard a rumour that if you are part of any religion for which Stonehenge helds a deeper meaning you can call up the curator and get an appointment when you can visit it privately and maybe touch the stones. I don't know if it is true or not, but hey, it's worth a try. However it is astonishing and there are some shops where you can buy souvenirs (for ex. Stonehenge Rocks T-Shirts, books, etc). If you visit it during winter it is also relieving to know that you can buy a cup of hot coffee to warm you up. There is a bus from Salisbury to Stonehenge. Two years ago the ticket was around 8 pounds, I don't think it is a lot more expensive now. You also have to pay an entry fee at Stonehenge.
Wazling responded to Stonehenge on 14 May 2009
There must be some piece of truth on it. Saw a documentation about the building of Stonehenge some days before, where the stones came from and about the religious meaning. During that they really showed an druidic procession of 5 people, praying at the place.
zlori responded to Stonehenge on 14 May 2009
Ok, so just tell me, wich religion should I have? :P Regards and thanks for the quick answer.
Tudi responded to Stonehenge on 15 May 2009
Lori, if you're planning to be a druid, make sure you dress properly :P
Tudi responded to Stonehenge on 15 May 2009
Aww forgot how to link in posts. Here's how a modern druid looks like apparently:
stef responded to Stonehenge on 15 May 2009
Wait a minute!
Isn't this Lori with barb, is it???
Be honest...
Guinevere1988 responded to Stonehenge on 15 May 2009
Dress like a Druid Lori, it would suit you perfectly. I just wrote a paper about Celtic religion I may be able to give you a few tips :D
zlori responded to Stonehenge on 15 May 2009
Thanks for all of you for the valuable advices, so I'm gonna behave and dress myself like a celtic druid in order to touch the stones. :) Anyway someones say it will not be a big change. :D Regards
Wazling responded to Stonehenge on 16 May 2009
Anyways, if you only want to touch the stones, think that´s really annoying, but the entire area is worth a look.

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