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posted by lekalie on 28 Jun 2012
Visit Crimea
Crimea is Ukrainian peninsula on the south of country. From all the places to visit in Ukraine this one is most worth of it. You can find here the remains of four different cultures - Greek, Armenian, Russian, Turkish. It is really amazing! The antient cave cities next to the medieval Khan's Palace turn into the high mountains in the south of the peninsula that end up in the Black Sea.
Welcome to Crimea,Ukrainian Pearl!
Malika responded to Visit Crimea on 30 Jun 2012
Ooh, Ukraine is such a beautiful and underrated country!
lizzy_a responded to Visit Crimea on 1 Jul 2012
It is a pity there are so many safety problems in Ukraine, I am sure they could get a lot of visitors because of the beautiful natural landscapes and even the cities!
Wazling responded to Visit Crimea on 11 Jul 2012
Don't know much about Crimea, what can one see and do there?
cristina responded to Visit Crimea on 13 Jul 2012
Great destination to travel for memorable holidays. Thanks for the information.
Latika responded to Visit Crimea on 16 Jul 2012
Crimea is a historical place. Love to explore such places.
jemssmith29 responded to Visit Crimea on 24 Jul 2012
I want to visit here.Help me.
lekalie responded to Visit Crimea on 27 Jul 2012
Hi! If you really want to make the Crimea your travel destination, I can help you with it. I can help to make a tour so that you could see the most beautiful places of the Crimea, book rooms in hotels or just at locals' places which is much cheaper, and so on. If you are interested, write me a message on facebook:
cristina responded to Visit Crimea on 13 Aug 2012
Crimea is nice place to visit. Thanks for sharing this detail here.

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