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Can someone help me find 2 round trip tickets for my 2 sons?

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posted by cecyliai on 11 Oct 2008
Can someone help me find 2 round trip tickets for my 2 sons?
I moved to Tucson, AZ a little over 2 years ago but my 2 teenage sons wanted to stay in our hometown in a suburb real close to Detroit, Michigan.

I am searching and searching all I don't even know what sites to find 2 R/T tickets from Detroit, Michigan (must be DTW) to Tucson, Arizona (must be TUS). They are coming here to visit me and their sisters for about 2 weeks during Christmas vacation. I am only a very little flexible about travel dates. They can leave Detroit on either 12/17/08 or 12/18/08 (whichever is cheaper) and stay in Tucson until 12/31/08, 1/1/08 or 1/2/08 at the latest (again whichever is cheaper).

One of my sons will turn 18 less than a week before traveling to Tucson. My other son will be 16 when he leaves but will turn 17 while here in Tucson.

Can anyone ???PLEASE??? tell me where to go for the best round trip airline tickets from Detroit to Tucson and back again with any of the above mentioned dates. (I am on disability and on a very tight income so I really really need to find the best deal out there as possible)

Also, what does anybody think about the 'right' time to buy these tickets. Pretty soon, like next week ?or? should I wait longer?

MadSuh responded to Can someone help me find 2 round trip tickets for my 2 sons? on 14 Oct 2008
Why don't you simply try Travelgrove. It's a good site, you should find all you need there.


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