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which is best public transport in Thailand?

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posted by arananusorn on 5 Sep 2012
which is best public transport in Thailand?
Planing to Thailand but not sure about the transport please suggest me something!!!
MadSuh responded to which is best public transport in Thailand? on 7 Sep 2012
Do you mean from one city/town/village to the other or within a city/town?
szbogi responded to which is best public transport in Thailand? on 7 Sep 2012
If you travel from one city or town to the other, buses are a great way.
Orange colored buses are operated by the government. They are pretty crowded, slow and stop at every small village, but they are very cheap.
Blue colored buses are ran by private companies or the government, they are a little more expensive (not too much) but they are more comfortabel and only atop at larget cities and towns.  
zsoldicsa responded to which is best public transport in Thailand? on 24 Sep 2012
If you want to travel between cities maybe buses and trains are the best way. But if you are in a big city, like Bangkok, you can travel with a taxi, it is cheap, you just have to make sure the meter is on (don't accept any excuses) when you travel and as many drivers do not speak English or very little, you should know the exact address of the place where you wat to go. 

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