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Cheapest days for travel

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posted by arielfh on 31 Jan 2012
Cheapest days for travel
Hi whitch days are most cheap to travel from miami to tel aviv? thanks.
evike14 responded to Cheapest days for travel on 1 Feb 2012
Weekdays I would say, never weekends.
tylerd responded to Cheapest days for travel on 2 Feb 2012
It is always the weekdays that are cheaper for air travel, from Monday to Thursday, the chaepest day usually - but not always - being Tuesday. Hppe this helped...
zsoldicsa responded to Cheapest days for travel on 13 Feb 2012
Book as soon as you can and choose weekday travel days with a Saturday night overstay. It is also important to be felxible, check rates for 3-5 days before and after the days you want to travel on. Rates can be very different from one day to another.
warner responded to Cheapest days for travel on 14 Feb 2012
Hi there,

I support the above suggestion that weekdays are preferable than the weekends so that you can avoid overcrowding....

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