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Mollto Bikes Ultra, Tangerang

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posted by sildtv on 5 Feb 2011
Mollto Bikes Ultra, Tangerang
I would like to make a purchase,to buy, a motor bike, from Mollto Bikes Ultra, from your city, JI. KiSamaun No 37, Tangerang, Banten, Indonesian, 10130 Telephone 62-21-458 747 28 Contact Mr Jainai Fikri. Could someone tell me if this company is genuine, does he really exist. If I send money/payment to this firm, will I receive the motorbike here in the UK. Perhaps a lawfirm could help me. Last year I was the victim of a scam, sent payment to China, and never received the goods. This time I am more careful. I need to check this company, can you help me please, the name and e-mail address of some-one who can check/verify Mollto Bikes Ultra, I would be most gratefull. Regards and thank you. Fred Sild, UK,

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