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posted by andrewnil on 18 Jun 2012
Want to travel Switzerland!
Planning a trip for 2013 and wondered if anyone has thoughts on when the best snow conditions exist in Zermatt. I know most people like to ski in the sun during March and April, but I am looking for when the best snow for skiing hits the mountain, baring white out conditions.
Please share your experience if have.
sophiecan responded to Want to travel Switzerland! on 18 Jun 2012
Its great decision to travel Switzerland. Because Some cities combine splendid city sights with natural beauty, like Zermatt which is situated at a lake meandering around mountains in the distance, and even Zürich, when the alps are visible. So I would say, your itinerery should at least include Lucerne.
I think you enjoy a lot with your lovely-one.
Mercado responded to Want to travel Switzerland! on 18 Jun 2012
Its delicious to travel Switzerland any time of the year, But i share one problem with you, I was not book my hotel for accommodation before visit Switzerland. So i faced a great problem there,I suggest you for pre booking your hotel before your trip. Finally We stayed at the Kempinski Grand Hotel which found from RihlaPrime. its was amazing.
thanks,Have fun :)
stef responded to Want to travel Switzerland! on 20 Jun 2012
Zermatt is amazing, it has got 25 km pistes and 3 cable cars operating during the whole summer, so you can even ski in July! Do not miss the Klein Matterhorn cable car that goes up to 3820 m hight! Amazing :)
udaychaudhary responded to Want to travel Switzerland! on 4 Jul 2012
Wow! A great decision by you to travel to Switzerland. I suggest you to pre-book your hotel before your trip.
shubhra1 responded to Want to travel Switzerland! on 11 Jul 2012
wow! its great idea because switzerland is a nice place.

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