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Memorial to WWII Casualities

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posted by gmstees on 7 Sep 2009
Memorial to WWII Casualities
After world war II, the rubble from the bombed building were trucked to a spot on the west side of the City. Easter services were often held at this location. The spot was a sacred place for the people of stuttgart who had lost loved ones in the bombings. Can you tell me where this place is and if it is a memorial today? It was said in 1957 to be the highest point in Stuttgart.
erato responded to Memorial to WWII Casualities on 9 Sep 2009

What you are thinking about, must be the Birkenkopf of Stuttgart. It is still a WWII memorial and the highest point of the inner part of the city, located in the Western region of Stuttgart. The address of the Birkenkopf is 70195 Stuttgart (at the corner of the Geisseichstrasse and Rotenwaldstrasse).
The plaque of the memorial says something like: 'This is a memorial built from the rubble of the city to be a memorial of the dead and a warning for the living ones.'

I hope I could help. If you go there, post some pictures about it, it must be really touching.

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