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did anyone here visit saint etienne france?

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posted by hiba on 13 Aug 2012
did anyone here visit saint etienne france?
how was? is it worth the trip? what can you do there for fun? I'm traveling for a month and I'm worried it will be for nothing
blackangel_66 responded to did anyone here visit saint etienne france? on 13 Aug 2012
Hey, I'm green with envy for you!
How can you assume it's for nothing?  I have spent 2 weeks in the country, in the South of France - one of my MOST amazing Holidays, ever! (Among the others was the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas..)
Drink local wine and eat local cheese, the locals do not speak any foraign languages but they are very kind!
Belle responded to did anyone here visit saint etienne france? on 13 Aug 2012
That depends what are you looking for / what your age is.. but if you're looking more for fun consider also Lyon, it's only 60 km away of Saint Etienne.
athenalove responded to did anyone here visit saint etienne france? on 14 Aug 2012
There are many historical sights and museums to visit in Saint Etienne.
Museums (I would visit):
- Museum of Art and Inductry
- Musee d'Art et d'Industrie
- Musee du Vieux St Etienne
- Musee de la mine
- Patrimoine Le Corbusier (a very famous, old building)
- Astronef
Jackie responded to did anyone here visit saint etienne france? on 14 Aug 2012
By any means, if you like sports and climbing, don't miss Boulder House Salle d'escalade - this is a gym w/ walls inside for inside climbing!
cristina responded to did anyone here visit saint etienne france? on 6 Sep 2012
No I didn't visit that place.

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