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Seaside Travel - Noise Versus Chill

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posted by Tudi on 22 May 2009
Seaside Travel - Noise Versus Chill
Ever since me and my friend were kids, we've made it a habit to visit the Romanian sea side every summer. Until a couple of years ago, we've always preferred Costinesti, which is more of a young people's destination, it's always crowded and noise and generally a lot of fun for party-goers.

Recently however, my trip to the sea side is my one week of relaxation during the summer, so I prefer to go to one of the quieter vacation spots, namely Jupiter. My friend calls me old because I can't stand the crowded part of the seaside nowadays :|

So what I'd like to ask is: when traveling to the seaside, what do you guys prefer: noise or chill? Arguments please!
anonymous responded to Seaside Travel - Noise Versus Chill on 22 May 2009
Can I haz both....? *giggles*

I love to stay somewhere quite quiet, but close to some party places if & when the party mood is turned on :-)

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