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posted by loui86n on 7 Jun 2010
cheap flight
is it possible to be notified about cheap flights from adelaide, south australia heading to Proserpine, QLD australia departure dates flexible between 29/6/10-7/7/10
jemssmith29 responded to cheap flight on 26 Jul 2012
I think, many cheap flights are available. You can use the internet.
ainoChan responded to cheap flight on 4 Aug 2012
Sure you can set up a Fare Alert - but you hould sites w/ main markets in AU.
zangazanga responded to cheap flight on 4 Aug 2012
Fare Alerts do  not really work as supposed, on any of major sights... what you usually get is a lot of ads.
Also travel companies make less revene on cheaper flights, so it's not their interest to advertise those the most... the best practice is simple - just follow the market/prices and run searches frequently. Also, pay attention on your time window - do not book to early or too late.

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