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Come, Visit Cebu!

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posted by ultimatetravel on 16 May 2009
Come, Visit Cebu!
For questions about traveling to Cebu and different destinations, I will be more than willing to answer all your queries.

zangazanga responded to Come, Visit Cebu! on 19 Aug 2009

I take you at your word now and ask for some help. :) I would be really interested in visiting India but I don't know if I can afford. How much does a ticket cost from Budapest to Cebu or to the nearest airport or how expensive is to be a turist in Cebu? :)

By the way is there an airport in Cebu? And how about the turists? Are there many of them?

Talking about India I think I wouldn't have communication problems using my English knowledge, right?

Sorry for inundating you with my question, :P I would really appreciate these info,

ultimatetravel responded to Come, Visit Cebu! on 19 Aug 2009
Im not sure about the ticket from Budapest to Cebu, my husband paid around 600 pounds round trip ticket from Heathrow, UK then stop over in Korea wait for 4 hours, then from Korea to Cebu.

My friend who lives in California, US paid about $1,500 round trip ticket from US to Hongkong to Cebu. In terms of cheaper flight you can save if you do stop overs and explore other countries if you want:) So 2 countries in one trip.

This is more or less the amount you will spend in flight ticket. As to hotels and accommodations, I can help you out provide cheaper ones to save money on it. with less than $10 (US dollars) for a night you can sleep on a decent hotel.

As to tourists, we have a variety who come here such as Japanese, Koreans, Europeans and Americans all sorts of races come here in Cebu. It's cheaper. Ive met 2 Malaysians friends and they spend around $250 (US dollars) in their one week vacation in Cebu and even including Bohol.

One more thing, we can even do island hopping here if you want. You can go to 3 islands, Olango Island (bird sanctuary), Gilutungan Island (Marine Sanctuary) and Pandanon Island (white sand island) an island in the middle of the sea, good for swimming.

If you want to come here in Cebu, just pm me:) I can be your tourist guide.
ultimatetravel responded to Come, Visit Cebu! on 19 Aug 2009
By the way one more thing, my husband rode on Korean Air and it's inclusive of meals already.

I have researched about the flight and just got the results now.

If you ride on Aug. 23, 2009.

from $2562 Roundtrip

9:10 am Depart Budapest (BUD)
Arrive Cebu (CEB) 2:25 pm tip+1 day Sun 23-Aug
Duration: 23hr 15mn
Malev Hungarian Airlines
Malev Hungarian Airlines 662
Philippine Airlines
Philippine Airlines 857
Connect in Amsterdam (AMS), Manila (MNL)

If you book earlier, the flight costs will be cheaper. The prices always fluctuate, this price here might either go up or go down in the next few days or months or so.

As to India, I'm not really sure about that. I never been there. But as for me, if you want cheaper vacation and be treated like royalty with our cheap SPA services and get mesmerized with what Cebu can offer to you:)
mort responded to Come, Visit Cebu! on 8 Jun 2012
Where's the best lechon Cebu in Cebu? And what is Cebu's signature dish?
luvVacation responded to Come, Visit Cebu! on 26 Aug 2012
The best lechon in Cebu is in ZUBUCHON.... I tried it when I went to Cebu and it was really the best.. I brought 5 kilos of zubuchon with me back in Manila.
mikytamp responded to Come, Visit Cebu! on 25 Feb 2013
I am planning a family trip to Cebu this year. What are the best places to visit in Cebu during family vacations?

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