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posted by elly on 17 Nov 2009
traveling to peru
Hi all, I'm going to travel to peru in about 2 months, I have my peru tours with but I want some information, you know if people there talk english? because I don't know spanish and we'll have a tour guide but I'm going to spend 5 days by my own in lima so I'm a little worried about that.
And which things I should buy there that we don't have in the US?
some help and suggestions please
Wazling responded to traveling to peru on 18 Nov 2009
Hi Elly!

I think "surviving" at Peru with english should be no peoblem. At least my aunt did a trip there too, and her english is nearly inexistent, so it should be no problem for you.
Concerning the other things you might to bring with you to Peru i´ll check. I´ll send you an message then, when i know more.

regards Axel

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