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posted by khiMPfFzz on 12 Jul 2009
pasig city
why pasig city called pasig city?
erato responded to pasig city on 13 Jul 2009
According to an old legend, a Tagalog maiden named Paz and her Spanish lover, Virgilio once went out boating. The boat started to sink, but Virgilio did not know how to swim, so he called out for Paz's help shouting 'Paz...sigue me' (meaning 'Paz...follow me'). The last words heard from him were 'Paz...sig.'
Since that day, both the river and the land along it are called Pasig.
Nice story, isn't it? That a river and a city wears the name of a lost beloved. :)
MadSuh responded to pasig city on 13 Jul 2009
Yes, now we only need to know where this city is located...
zlori responded to pasig city on 13 Jul 2009
Pasig City (called also City of Pasig translated from "Lungsod ng Pasig", Filippino) is a part of Manila metropolitan area in Philippines, Asia, beside other areas from the region (Antipolo City, Makati City, Marikina City, Pateros, Taytay and others).

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