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posted by travelgrove-editor on 8 Oct 2004
What should you post in this section - Please read!
Travelgrove is a Travel Marketing website. This means that our main revenue comes from travel providers that choose to advertise on our site. We cannot allow people advertising in this section. Any post that is telling users about a travel website that is making money off selling travel related products will therefore be removed.

A few exceptions should be mentioned:
Travel Forums create value to our users, please go ahead and share those.
Travel Guides and websites that sell travel books, maps etc.

If you want to advertise your site, please do this in our advertising section. The advertsing section will allow you to post free ads for most categories and are searchable by our users. if you are interested in advertising with Travelgrove in a more structured and focused way, please contact our advertising team at


Travelgrove Team

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Guesthouse in Luang Nam Tha by AndreSTGT

Accommodation Name:
Manychan GH
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Clean shared bathrooms…
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