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Anyone know a good but inexpensive hotel in Orlando?

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posted by MadSuh on 20 Oct 2007
Anyone know a good but inexpensive hotel in Orlando?
I will be in Orlando next month and I am just wondering if any of you guys have been there before and could recommend a good Orlando hotel
Admutur responded to Anyone know a good but inexpensive hotel in Orlando? on 9 Nov 2009
Hello, I have been in Orlando in April. I am from Costa Rica, and bought a time share property near all the best attractions. I want to share with new friend my accomodation for 7 more new people from anywhere in the world. This is the a 5 star resort. I need to have 7 new friends going there during Spring break 2010 and they pay just for 3 weeks, what you would pay for a 3 star hotel during a week or less. Contact me by skype... my ID is dragontico
take care,

MadSuh responded to Anyone know a good but inexpensive hotel in Orlando? on 10 Nov 2009
Hmm... Timeshare would actually be fun and probably inexpensive. I guess a 3 star hotel in Orlando usually runs you around $80 per room. Not too cheap, but then it's close to Disneyland ;)

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