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posted by Wazling on 28 Apr 2009
Fort Oradea
Please tell me more about this fort. Are there any other historical interesting sites?
erato responded to Fort Oradea on 28 Apr 2009
Oradea's medieval fortress has a pentagonal fort in a very good state. There are many other sites, like the baroque Roman-Catholic Episcopal Palace and the Baroque Cathedral of Oradea. The main street of the city is beautiful with its great number of Art Nouveau buildings. It's worth visiting.
Wazling responded to Fort Oradea on 28 Apr 2009
Good, than i know what i have to do next time i´m down there!
bruzli responded to Fort Oradea on 29 Apr 2009
Yeah, summer is better than winter :P
Tudi responded to Fort Oradea on 15 May 2009
Wazling, just be careful if you're coming by car, lots of less-than-obvious one-way streets in Oradea :)

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