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Swine flu warning for travelling to Mexico and US

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posted by Wazling on 27 Apr 2009
Swine flu warning for travelling to Mexico and US
Seem´s to become slowly something serious. Hopefully it doesnt reach us.
Check out this sites:,0,5231512.story
erato responded to Swine flu warning for travelling to Mexico and US on 27 Apr 2009
In my opinion a part of this is only another media fuss, even if in the US the Homeland Security is carrying the situation and it's a national health emergency. Ultimately the greatest impact of the avian influenza in Europe was that the consumption of poultry meat decreased. However those who travel to US ( I wouldn't advise to travel to Mexico) should take care.
stef responded to Swine flu warning for travelling to Mexico and US on 27 Apr 2009
During the avian influenza in 2000 I worked in Cologne.
The best friend of my colleg at work got the avian influenza and died in a few days. We were in highest alarm at the company, we had to wear hygienic masks.
Then this gollegue had tom make the test for this virus. It turned out, he wasnt infected.
For us became the threat at that time very real.
Get well soon...
erato responded to Swine flu warning for travelling to Mexico and US on 27 Apr 2009
I'm sorry for your friend's loss, I didn't mean to seem too rash about the topic, I wanted to emphasize the role of the media in marketing the events and creating panic. Of course, the low dying rates in Europe won't make the happenings of the avian flu epidemic forgotten.
stef responded to Swine flu warning for travelling to Mexico and US on 27 Apr 2009
For sure is the most of all them hysteria and story for the news.
It s however sometimes strange, how fast it can turn into reality for one.
erato responded to Swine flu warning for travelling to Mexico and US on 27 Apr 2009
You are absolutely right. It must be very frightening to imagine that someone might find himself in the middle of something that last week was some disconcerting news on TV and seemed to be very far.
Wazling responded to Swine flu warning for travelling to Mexico and US on 28 Apr 2009
To be honest, i only wanted to see what you are thinking about the media and the flu in general. My opinion is the same you have.
For me it looks like a media generated hysteria. Of course you should be prepared, but it makes no sense finishing your normal life and stay at home for the next few months.
Best example are the reports the private media and the government media show in gfermany.
stef responded to Swine flu warning for travelling to Mexico and US on 28 Apr 2009
I, for my part stored already all buyable antibiotics, which I plan to mix, the most common homeopatic stuff, hired an telepathic energy professional, astrologist, exorcist and putted two funeral services in alert (for the case, the one is busy)...
I think too, that s all a media hystery.

ultimatetravel responded to Swine flu warning for travelling to Mexico and US on 16 May 2009
The media is just sensationalizing all these stuff. Trying to give us the number of those people who got infected, who died, the different countries affected so far.

I mean it is putting a stigma to people who loves eating pork (now they lessen it) due to the fact that pig is the carrier of the virus, people who wants to travel to US and Mexico are having doubts of doing so.

Media had done a good job of updating us on what is happening, but to bombard our televisions with the same issue every now and then is too much already.

To spread awareness is a different to sensationalizing the issue. Media should shift it's mindset and not traumatized or create a cloud on what is the real issue.

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