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Tours in New York City

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posted by anonymous on 22 Feb 2005
Tours in New York City
Please let me know what you would like to see in a sightseeing tour company in Manhattan. Better service? More personal tours? Nicer tour guides? How long would you want the tour to be? Any other comments about a New York City sightseeing tour would be appreciated.
Belle responded to Tours in New York City on 8 Jun 2011
I think the most important thing is that key sights are of course included. But then tastes are different and New York offers everything from great sights, food, entertainment etc. I think the most important thing is that you gear towards your specific customers and then really break down what you will focus on... history vs. modern, culinary vs. nightlife... etc...
foggy responded to Tours in New York City on 15 May 2012
You definitely have to tailor your tour to the audience in question. Of course, if you're in Midtown, there are certain attractions that people really shouldn't miss. Obviously, you want to consider your location. This article breaks out tour highlights by area of the city, which I think is really helpful (especially for people who aren't as familiar with the different neighborhoods): Hope this helps!

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