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Cheap Hotel in Munich

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posted by anonymous on 18 Oct 2004
Cheap Hotel in Munich
Looking for a really cheap Hotel (3 Stars)in Munich City center in the week between 20th an 24th December.

Who can help?
travelgrove-editor responded to Cheap Hotel in Munich on 18 Oct 2004
Select Hotels on top of the Page.
Type in Munich.

Make sure you select the right dates.

I checked it with Travelweb, but you can naturally select any of the other merchants as well.

Travelweb showed up for 83 Dollars.

Travelnow also found one for 83 Dollars.

Try it yourself, make sure you select "sort by price" when applicable. Some companies don't automatically sort by price!

By the way, the meta search functionality is coming soon. So instead of selecting each merchant separately, in the future we search everybody for you and show you the cheapest prices on one single screen.

Good Luck


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