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posted by activetreks on 16 Dec 2011
Trek guide
Hi all my name is mohamed from active treks morocco we are a group of qualified mountain guide who would like to help anyone who wants to treks or tour morocco for more details feel free to contact us at anytime by writing to :
all the best morocco
sushikedvenc responded to Trek guide on 16 Dec 2011
This sounds great, but where is Morocco do you operate?
Torontoguy responded to Trek guide on 18 Dec 2011
What are your trekking tour rates? It must be a nice way to explore a beautiful country as Morocco.
sunnybeach responded to Trek guide on 19 Dec 2011
Sounds great, thanks for the offer. :)
activetreks responded to Trek guide on 21 Dec 2011
Morocco is a north africain country very beautiful you should come and visit
the rate are given according to what people want to do and how long the trip is for ex climbing Toubkal wich is the highest mountain in north africa will cost 50 euros a day per person includes food guide mules refuge cook you can do the ascent in three days !!
if you are interested my mail is :
activetreks responded to Trek guide on 21 Dec 2011
hi all again this mohamed the trek guide my trekking site is:
feel free to contact me for any ifnos
all the best
iTourNepal responded to Trek guide on 3 Jan 2012
Morocco sounds very interesting. I have seen documentary in TLC few times but don't really know much about the country and place.
kodamatour responded to Trek guide on 8 Jan 2012
I am trekking guide since 15 years around the Himalaya of Nepal.If some one like to spent holiday in Nepal please feel free contact me.
bye see you..........
VIshmanepal responded to Trek guide on 5 Feb 2012
I am (Vishma)Raj Nepal.I am professional independent trek and tour operator/Leader and trekking Guide in Nepal Himalayas since 14 years.If you are planning to travel in Nepal for any help contact me
Vermie responded to Trek guide on 10 Feb 2012
i have heard about morocco but i hadnt visit yet . i really want to visit that country
henryka_marks responded to Trek guide on 13 Feb 2012
Thanks for sharing info
geneoliver responded to Trek guide on 24 Aug 2012
I need information about morocco than call you. Thanks for sharing contact no.
trekguide responded to Trek guide on 31 Aug 2012
hi thanks for the message Morocco is a north africain country populated by arabs & berbers !! 
all the best and keep in touch sorry for the late reply i was a way trekking / hiking for 12 days !!
trekguide responded to Trek guide on 31 Aug 2012
If you are interested in Climbing the highest peak in north africa Toubkal 4167m let me know will be happy to sort you a trek !!

all the best

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