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Shopping in Thailand - more experiences

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posted by vietnamstay on 14 Jul 2011
Shopping in Thailand - more experiences
Shopping in Thailand

Most shops and supermarkets in Thailand is only open from about 10 to 10 hours 30 minutes morning (a few are open from 9 hours 30 minutes).

Shopping in Thailand is very interesting but you should go around and shop around to compare prices - especially when buying gems and jewels are everywhere suc.Du price listed, but you should pay. You can achieve a lower price to buy from 10 to 40% compared with the initial offering price.

Buy should get a receipt and check carefully before leaving the store. The reputable shops will agree in writing to return any money to the original items are returned within 90 days. If somewhere deny this, you should purchase elsewhere.

Thais appreciate the courteous manners and a sense of humor. With patience and an open smile, you can buy cheap goods. The sales in Thailand are speaking English fairly well. Air trade openness here, no state insisted, engaging, winning bookings. You feel free to bid and selected until satisfied.

Purchase of 3,000 baht, visitors will be the store to make a purchase VIP cards - were down 5% on every purchase invoices within two years.

Shopping in Thailand can be completed VAT value added tax at the airport.

Tax refund

Buy in Thailand can be completed VAT value added tax at the international airport in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Hat Yai and Phuket on purchases worth at least 5,000 baht a day (the total amount may be combined from several bills in the day).

When you buy should ask the store to process the VAT refund form when purchasing. If at the general store, customers should take to counter VAT receipts for reimbursement.

Receipts must be processed on the day of purchase. When leaving Thailand, visitors need to form stamped at checkpoints VAT tax to customs before boarding. Goods declared a VAT refund of customs staff to preview the stamped refund form. When passing through passport control, visitors will be the Thai customs officials sample handling and VAT refunds.

Address shopping Thailand travel

Thailand is a great place to shop. Here are some popular shopping locations in Thailand as well as a few notes when shopping here.

- Central Chidlom

Located in the system of Central Group, Central Chidlom is a large shopping center in Bangkok. Opened in 1973, now Central Chidlom has built the image of a modern shopping mall, with many items from normal to high-end, full of categories from apparel fabrics, for to jewelry, consumer electronics and other .... along with the entertainment the most complete service the needs of visitors shop here

- Central World Plaza

After several years of joining the system Central Group, Central World Plaza has grown into one of the largest shopping centers in most of Thailand. With over 500 stalls, selling specialized areas, 50 restaurants, 21 cinemas, bowling court and entertainment area for children and two large shopping mall, a largest Asian supermarket, where You can buy everything, complete with world famous brands like Rolex, Adidas, Calvin Klein, Liz ... Tourists coming to Thailand can not ignore the Central World Plaza to go shopping.

- Siam Paragon

With construction costs more than $ 350 million, Siam Paragon is the largest shopping mall, shopping to one store, the greatest combination of cinema and is considered a shopping paradise in Bangkok. There in full all the famous brands in the world but Siam Paragon is not a place just for the elite because here there are many types of goods in accordance with ordinary money. Also here is a combination of entertainment giant tour, restaurant systems, bar .... Fully serve the needs of tourists.

- Charn Issara

Charn Issara is also a popular shopping places in Bangkok. With a variety of types of goods serving the needs of senior citizens to comment, here is the shopping choice of many Thai people but also visitors to Bangkok. Other popular items include clothing in Charn Issara, fashion items, cosmetics and luxury consumer goods.

- Power duty-free shops

To Thailand, you should not ignore the King Power duty free shop. Not only is the sale of duty-free range of consumer goods and fashion, King Power also regularly hold promotions, lotteries are very attractive. It can be said that the King Power duty free shop is one of the shopping attractions in Thailand most.

- MBK Maboonklong

Maboonklong is one of the supermarkets and large shopping centers and famous in Thailand, a frequent destination for those "addicted" to shopping. It has many unique types of goods, excellent for affordable plus cheerful demeanor, warm, caring of sales people who come out here that are not satisfied smile from .

- Pratunam Market

Pratunam Market is one of the major markets of Bangkok, focusing on items of clothing fabrics. Here visitors lost in colorful world of the clothing and textile. The price is quite cheap here than in Vietnam, and if you buy more, the cheaper the price. To Thailand, if you want to buy some clothes or fabrics, the Pratunam Market is a destination not to be missed.

- Souvenirs in Thailand

Thailand is a country famous tourist commodities, with cheap souvenirs. Therefore the choice of buying some gifts for relatives and friends is easy when you come to this country.

Here, you can choose to buy clothes, shoes, or wear jewelry, cosmetics and home appliances. Handmade souvenirs in Thailand is very unique and also not very high price.
Note: The large shopping malls in Bangkok are quite close together, you can go by taxi or train to visit many places to find the most appropriate gift.

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