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Moroccan tents/good nights in Berber tents

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posted by Moroccantents on 21 Dec 2008
Moroccan tents/good nights in Berber tents
I was in Morocco last November.My trip was arranged by RoughTours company which is based in south Morocco.I had the chance to cover most of the Moroccan places.I landed in Casablanca,then visit Rabat,Fez,Meknes, desert,Marrakesh,Agadir and Essaouira.I was in a camel ride for 2 days and spent good time in Moroccan nomads tents.I can say that I can live in the tents all my life .From the explanation of our interpreter Himm, the tents are made from the wool of gaots and camels.I also had the chance to visit some nomads in the area who live in the tents , and this is their own homes.Unlike the noisy cities like New York and Las vigas, life of the nomads is primitive and slow.
Moroccan people are so friendly and all the time , they offer you tea with mint.I forget to say that it is my first time to drink camel milk.
Hope to visit Morocco an other time.However,my next trip will be deep in the sahara with nomad life.You can check out the berbers webpage at
And if you need more info about my trip, you can post your questions here,and will reply as soon as I can .
Wazling responded to Moroccan tents/good nights in Berber tents on 23 Dec 2008
What would you say if you compare Tunisia and Morocco? Which one would you prefer and why?
Moroccantents responded to Moroccan tents/good nights in Berber tents on 24 Dec 2008
Hi,I think that Morocco and Tunisia may have lot of similarities in ways of life , therefore,the people must be friendly .I say this bc Morocco and Tunisia are in the same area which is North Africa.People also are arabs and Berbers like Morocco.I have never been to Tunisia ,and this little comparition is based on my readings in the net.If you know some more about Tunisia ,let me know.I'd like to share our experience with others.Cheers and have a good night
Wazling responded to Moroccan tents/good nights in Berber tents on 29 Dec 2008
I've been at Tunisia some weeks ago for 9 days. My impression of that country wasn't quite positive.
All the area was mostly spoiled and dirty, and this was also in rural areas.
In the touristic places people always tried to sell you some trash, Rolex watches for 5 bucks. I dont mind that, because that's everywhere the same.
But the people i meet, were always triing to cheat you, you haven't had the feeling of beeing an guest in that country. This is what a friend of mine told me afterwards, it was excactly the same when he came there years ago.
For women, that are totally strangers, it is also quote difficult to travel there, because a lot of the men dont respect women very much.
So alltogether i didn't take a positive view of Tunisia with me and i wouldn't go there again.

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