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cheapest fare from miami,florida to manila,philippines

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posted by jonathanlroxas on 13 Nov 2011
cheapest fare from miami,florida to manila,philippines
the flight will be on december 11,2011, if possible an evening flight..thanks
tomtum responded to cheapest fare from miami,florida to manila,philippines on 14 Nov 2011
I have ran a quick search on Travelgrove and the cheapest flight I have found was $1260, ot is provided by expedia and involves multiple airlines. It departs at 10:40 am and arrives to Manila at 06:25 am the next day. Return flight is on Dec. 20 at 9:20 am, arrives back to Miami at 6:45 pm.
Belinda responded to cheapest fare from miami,florida to manila,philippines on 14 Nov 2011
Tried evening flights on Travelgrove, the best I found was $1841, at 8:01 pm, provided by Faregeek.
tibi60 responded to cheapest fare from miami,florida to manila,philippines on 16 Nov 2011
Try Travelgrove's cheap flights to Manila page here:

It contains the cheapest rates users found for the next year... might be useful if you're a bit flexible.

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