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posted by Riana90 on 18 Aug 2011
hi there)) has anyone been to Malta?? I'm planning to go there but can't decide's said that the best time for the trip spring or autumn.. but i'd like to visit festa season which is in, i'm in two minds..
sunnybeach responded to Malta on 18 Aug 2011
Summer is the high season for a Malta travel - from mid-June to the end of August it is much more crowded, everything is full of people and the weather is very very hot. Also, accomodation is more expensive, because it's peak season.
Spring and autumn is less crowded, hotels are cheaper and the weather is pleasantly mild.
But of course, Malta is always nice, so if you want to go in the summer, go in the summer :)
evike14 responded to Malta on 19 Aug 2011
If you really want to go in the summer, make sure you get a room with air conditioning, otherwise you'll melt in the heat!

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