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posted by gorco on 2 Nov 2009
Hello everyone,

I am new to the forum?

If anyone needs information about Macedonia please let me know.

I can help over arriving/departing by car, buses, trains and plains.

Have in mind that Macedonian roads have paytools, there are only 2 airports near Skopje and Ohrid, and you can get into Macedonia by train from Serbia and Greece so far.

I've found this Macedonia web and I hope it would be useful for anyone who will travel to Macedonia sometimes.
MadSuh responded to Macedonia on 3 Nov 2009
Hi there,

That's awesome, thanks for your help. I am sure there will be questions. What you can do is also help by adding some travel tips inside our travel tips section:

gorco responded to Macedonia on 3 Nov 2009
Hi Peter,

I will type something definetely.

Meanwhile, I have found a link for some Macedonia destinations info & tips have a look:

Don't know if it's governmental or private, but it helps for sure.


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