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What to visit in Los Angeles?

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posted by tibi on 14 Jul 2010
What to visit in Los Angeles?
What should I visit in Los angeles? Can you give me some ideas about some daytime and nighttime activities?
erato responded to What to visit in Los Angeles? on 16 Jul 2010
Well, well a proper LA must-see sights' list would be quite a long one. But you should definitely see a couple of iconic sights.
Hollywood Walk of Fame is an absolute top sight, so are the Hollywood Studios and the Hollywood Museum where you can see a lot of props and stuff from the most famous movies.
Venice Beach is a must see, there you'll find a huge variety of the strangest people in the world. :D
If you also go for theme parks, I recommend Knott's Berry Farm, that's a great one.

Have a nice trip!
zlori responded to What to visit in Los Angeles? on 16 Jul 2010

I think there are some much nicer things to see in LA then the usual touristic sights..

I mean the Walk of Fame with the stars and the Hollywood sign deserves a visit, just like the Kodak Theater but they are not places what you would like to visit again in 5-10 years.
You can get the real feeling of LA much better by its cuisine. I would recommend Lawry's steakhouse:

Ruth's Chris Steakhouse and a great Mongolian Barbecue place - I will post some travel tips about these and I will keep you updated! :)

luvVacation responded to What to visit in Los Angeles? on 27 Aug 2012
You may include shopping in your agenda. You can find different types of shopping venues that fits your budget. You can visit the Grove in the Third Street, Americana in Glendale, Beverly Center. For rich and famous, they go to Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive for signature items. You can also go to Farmer's markets and factory outlets like Citadel outlet. Shopping is fun in L.A!

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