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posted by aironejets on 6 Jul 2012
Private Jet Charter
Your own personal Lounge...Departure Board...Aircraft...Captain... and your Favorite Food.
We'd like to offer you a Different Class of Flight with Private Jet Charter, plz contact at or call +447024016518
Belle responded to Private Jet Charter on 8 Jul 2012
What are your rates..? Also, is the price the same for a group of 10 persons and for a single person? Or how does this work?
asterix responded to Private Jet Charter on 9 Jul 2012
Hey @Belle, I would better consider saving my money for VEGAS! :)
luci responded to Private Jet Charter on 14 Aug 2012
I'm interested in rates, too.
When the time comes I want to have my bachelor party in Vegas, flying on a private jet! :)
Btw do you take party groups, too?
aironejets responded to Private Jet Charter on 14 Aug 2012
Plz let me know the trip details ,so i can reply you with rates.We do offer party groups .

Repy me at
Belle responded to Private Jet Charter on 14 Aug 2012
hm, so the rates are not public? 'cause this is a travel forum, right... ?
grrrmama responded to Private Jet Charter on 12 Sep 2012
I am interested in rates too? Planning on a group to Vegas NEXT year and we are looking into a party jet to get there! Let me know rates and details on how it works.... thanks
aironejets responded to Private Jet Charter on 12 Sep 2012
Kindly give me ur contact details ,so i can send you trip details. send me at
Corporatellc responded to Private Jet Charter on 18 Sep 2012
Whether your trip entails a road show with multiple destinations or a single destination, Corporate Charters experienced staff is ready to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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