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posted by joanandapoll on 3 Mar 2009
what are the beaches in laguna
MadSuh responded to laguna on 5 Mar 2009
Which laguna are you talking about? Laguna Beach, CA?
itachan responded to laguna on 10 Jun 2011
I guess Laguna, Philippines since that's where the question was posted in ;)
mort responded to laguna on 8 Jun 2012
Um, I'm not sure if there's a "beach" in Laguna, Philippines. But there are seven lakes that are more interesting and a nice sight to see. Laguna is known for its hot springs. Try to go to Pansol, near the UP Los Baños. Laguna is home to the majestic mountain of Makiling too. Pagsanjan Falls is in Laguna too..

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