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Best place to be around Krabi

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posted by TonyBray on 26 Jul 2012
Best place to be around Krabi
Hello Friends,

I would like to know what are some best places to view sunset around Krabi area. Also, would like to know some beautiful islands that are not very touristy or not that crowded.

Thanks in advance,
Malika responded to Best place to be around Krabi on 27 Jul 2012
The Last Fisherman in Ao Nang is a beautiful sunset watching place.
sunnybeach responded to Best place to be around Krabi on 27 Jul 2012
I don't know of any  places, but wherever you go that is higher will surely be beautiful:)
Sayuri87 responded to Best place to be around Krabi on 16 Aug 2012
I think any place is perfect in Thailand, amazing country!

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