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Traveling to Thailand

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posted by anonymous on 10 Oct 2004
Traveling to Thailand
I want to go to Thailand and would like to get a quick outline as of where to start with my trip planning.
travelller responded to Traveling to Thailand on 12 Oct 2004
Thailand... not sure where to start. I think the place is amazing. You will need to get a healthy mix of beach vacationing as well as culture. Thailand impresses everybody, just be flexible and open towards a new culture and don't fix your travel plans too much. Everybody who has been there will confirm that because Thais are friendly everywhere and everything is new, you get into a whole exploration fever, trying to see new things every day. Best of all, you will hate going back home.

Depending on how much time you have, you should fly into Bangkok, then I'd visit the Northern parts and do some trekking and make sure you visit the temples. It's also nice to rent a motorcycle and just drive up into the jungle.

I would then fly or take a train down to the South, for your beach holiday. Be prepared to visit 2-3 islands down there. It's very beautiful and there are plenty of activities. Maybe Krabi, Similan, Kho Tao, Samui, and plenty of other destinations are all great.

Also, don't spend much time in Bangkok, it's tough there, too much traffic.

Alright, this trip is for about 3 weeks. You can vary it of course, but I wouldn't go for less than 2 weeks.

Good Luck to you!

And don't do anything stupid :wink:

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