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why are flights so hight to italy??

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posted by flippir on 8 Feb 2010
why are flights so hight to italy??
Hi...Why are flights almost double from lax to venice/milan italy march 19 back 28th? (Three people?) Should we wait for last minute specxials or what? In the past we paid @ 400-600 for this off season time!!! Thanks, Leslie
proximity4 responded to why are flights so hight to italy?? on 30 Jun 2010
One of the biggest expenses of any trip is the cost of an airline ticket �" and, unfortunately, for many people visiting Italy from outside Europe, the cost is higher than you’d think it should be. You may have seen great bargain fares listed for flights to major European cities like Paris, London, or Amsterdam and assumed that flights to Rome or Milan would be similarly priced �" but they’re usually not. For whatever reason (and there are many theories), flights to Italy from outside Europe almost always cost more than flights to other European cities.
But that doesn’t mean you have to give up on your Italy trip. I mean, France and England are perfectly nice and all, but you won’t find Venice or the Roman Colosseum or The Last Supper anywhere else but Italy. You’ll just need to do a little more legwork to find the best prices on airfare to Italy.
And that’s where WhyGo Italy comes in.
There are many articles on WhyGo Italy that offer tips to finding cheap airfare to Italy, but unless you’ve been following along from the very beginning you may have missed some of them. So I’m going to keep this page updated with links to all the articles on the site that are designed to help you save money on your Italy airfare.

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