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IanBell Leaving in a city of New York on ana extended long vacation!
by IanBell on 17 Apr 14 There are a number of reasons why people decide to visit a city. The majority of visitors will just be there for a short time…
1 94 Tiffany01
4 Jun 14 >>
Wekesa Masai mara game reserve
by Wekesa on 9 Nov 13 How is masai mara reserve in Kenya? Where is it located
5 108 66manoj44
1 Jan 14 >>
maesantos_987 Where to stay in Khon Kaen - Thailand?
by maesantos_987 on 22 Oct 13 Hello. I am an organizer in a big company and planning to hold an event in Khon Kaen. Do you have a place to recommend…
1 107 ramkeshplt
17 Dec 13 >>
Torrance I need a hotel, by the Air port CMH . . .Please
by Torrance on 26 May 13
2 126 tylerd
11 Jun 13 >>
kittyheckel I'm looking for a "decent" hotel near Wilshire Blvd and S Western A
by kittyheckel on 19 Feb 13 in Los Angeles. Something within 4 miles of that area. Reading reviews of hotels I've discovered the area isn't very good, but unfortunately that's where…
1 138 Torontoguy
25 Feb 13 >>
abhishek Can any one tell me the best hotels in Khajuraho,orchha,delhi and agra
by abhishek on 1 Feb 13 Hello!
i want to know the best and cheap hotels list near to all these cities .
1 124 stef
11 Feb 13 >>
RickWarren001 What is Bangkok and Phuket like for a group of young male tourists?
by RickWarren001 on 31 Jan 13 Hello Guys,
We have never been to Thailand. The group has the following doubts:
Hotels will be full of old people?
We wont be able to socialise with…
1 108 Sayuri87
11 Feb 13 >>
RickWarren001 What is the better place to spend a weekend, Phuket or Pattaya?
by RickWarren001 on 26 Dec 12 Hello Guys,
I have already been to Phuket and I liked it a lot. Snorkeling, swimming, beaches, and nightlife. But now I am curious about Pattaya,…
1 133 ToniAndersen
10 Jan 13 >>
ToniAndersen What airport is the closest to Kiwadin Michigan?
by ToniAndersen on 17 Dec 12 Hello Guys,
Where would one fly into if they wanted to get to the hotel Kiwadin and casinos. Any suggestions or help will be appreciated.…
2 104 ainoChan
11 Feb 13 >>
RickWarren001 What are the best beach resorts?
by RickWarren001 on 9 Dec 12 Hello Guys,
My family and I want to go on a nice vacation to a beach resort for spring break or next summer. We live in…
1 132 MarioBross
25 Dec 12 >>
RickWarren001 How many days should be spent in Phuket?
by RickWarren001 on 3 Dec 12 Hello Members,
I'm thinking of going to Phuket next week, but am not sure of the length of my stay. I'm thinking of going there for…
7 185 welt-raiser
11 Feb 13 >>
ToniAndersen Where is a hotel that has a spa in it?
by ToniAndersen on 3 Dec 12 Hello Guys,
What is the name of a hotel that has a spa in it, in the state of Michigan? If anyone having any suggestions regarding…
5 173 mikytamp
25 Jan 13 >>
sapphire Please give me right information about add my hotel in travelgrove
by sapphire on 22 Oct 12
1 104 MadSuh
4 Dec 12 >>
alec81 Searching luxury hotels in Thane?
by alec81 on 20 Sep 12 In next month, I will go for attend my business conference in Thane. So I am looking for a good luxury hotel for stay 3…
8 175 Mosooving
13 Nov 12 >>
Dexter Looking for UK Getaways, Country House Hotels
by Dexter on 29 Aug 12 Currently in the UK for the next 6 months and interested in exploring the countryside on weekends when I am not working in London.
5 126 Jackysmith
26 Sep 12 >>
piyushghij which spa resort you hit top in india?
by piyushghij on 24 Aug 12
4 171 M174
7 Feb 13 >>
molly22 Experiece about Indian hotel
by molly22 on 14 Aug 12 Hi Everyone,
I was in India last week for the trip.I was there with my 4 friends so we stayed in Harayana. We had done booking…
14 175 Jackysmith
14 Sep 12 >>
sushanta New Years in Ooty and Ooty Hotels
by sushanta on 26 Jul 12 Ooty, a small hill station in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, makes for an amazing destination to celebrate new years. During December, Ooty experiences…
1 168 tajvoyageindia
30 Jul 12 >>
aplaku Ghana, Accra
by aplaku on 7 Jul 12 Aplaku guesthouse is located in Accra,Ghana.
We welcome students, voluntaries, politicians, business people and tourists, with respect for Ghana, the nature and the culture.
8 85 aplaku
19 Aug 12 >>
sushanta Hotels in Matheran
by sushanta on 21 Jun 12 Talking about economy hotels in Matheran, they offer all basic necessities required for a comfortable and enjoyable stay at very affordable rates. Among budget hotels…
4 177 Latika
29 Jun 12 >>
sushanta Some Top Rated Kolkata Hotels You Must Know About
by sushanta on 4 Jun 12 Kolkata- the city of joy is the capital city of West Bengal. It is an important business centre of the country and is one of…
3 171 Belle
6 Jun 12 >>
sushanta Ooty hotels for perfect summer vacation
by sushanta on 5 May 12 A perfect summer vacation in Ooty must include a good hotel, i.e. a hotel that provides comfortable accommodation, safe and family friendly environment, and good…
8 159 aleenakhanzaa
21 Sep 12 >>
jennythom How to find good accomodation during Kruger National Park Tour?
by jennythom on 30 Apr 12 How to find good accomodation during Kruger National Park Tour?
3 130 mikehenry
8 May 12 >>
cristina How important is Accommodation when traveling
by cristina on 12 Apr 12 Hello, Everyone
As per topic for me accommodation is the most important when we travel anywhere. (Around world). I choose best and Clean accommodation when I…
6 326 williamhall3
16 Oct 12 >>
qudirmorris Hotel in Galvanston
by qudirmorris on 22 Mar 12 I am going on a carnival cruise on Sunday May 6, 2012. I need a room for overnight. I will arrive in Galvanston after 2pm.…
3 142 erato
4 Apr 12 >>
lauren246 3 stars hotels inwith pool just us $35
by lauren246 on 8 Sep 11 3 stars hotels in vietnam with pool just us$ 35 and many other super cheap hotels!
Founded by the experienced leaders in the field of business…
6 182 Abbigail17
4 Oct 12 >>
Xuka best hotels in Vietnam
by Xuka on 18 Aug 11 Phu Quoc Island is a great relaxing paradise for beach vacation in Vietnam. Located in south-west coast near the Gulf of Thailand, the beauty largest…
7 212 kentnguyen
10 Oct 12 >>
* Hotels are the Best Place to Stay in South Tyrol
by Anonymous on 3 Aug 11 South Tyrol has numerous hotels which are categorized according to their services. Although all the hotels in South Tyrol excel in providing wellness, there are…
1 130 johnvictor
10 Jul 12 >>
FTLVR Fort Lauderdale - off season!
by FTLVR on 4 Jul 11 Yes, April-December is off-season in South Florida. That means great hotel rates, low airfares and less crowds.
When looking for a great vacation rental in…
0 273 FTLVR
4 Jul 11 >>
redhotail Condo in Maui
by redhotail on 31 May 11 Hello. How do I search for the Sugar Beach Resort in Maui?
1 189 szbogi
6 Jun 11 >>
mgnforrester Visit Tbilisi, Georgia
by mgnforrester on 8 May 11 3 Star Hotel Mkudro for Tourists and Travellers in Tbilisi; Amazing views and pure environment. only 10-15 minutes’ drive from the city center. hotel is…
1 320 mikehenry
9 May 12 >>
beeorchard Hotels in Georgia
by beeorchard on 5 May 11 3 Star Hotel Mkudro for Tourists and Travellers in Tbilisi with amazing views and pure environment. Only 10-15 minutes’ drive from the city center the…
0 277 beeorchard
5 May 11 >>
jensmith Great Hotel in Windermere
by jensmith on 25 Apr 11 Found an amazing hotel in Windermere in the United Kingdom that I must tell you about, Applegarth Villa. Had an amazing early Easter stay with…
1 235 kumaranil1480
20 Jan 12 >>
Kris Spring break
by Kris on 7 Jan 11 Hi,
could you please tell me few hotels in Cancun and Mayan Riviera that cater to felow students during the Spring break.I am in Pacific Marine…
0 289 Kris
7 Jan 11 >>
Flyfishergirl Condos to rent
by Flyfishergirl on 7 May 10 Where can I find a condo or suite for two couples in the West or North Yellowstone area?
1 485 MadSuh
9 May 10 >>
pearlplaza add my hotel
by pearlplaza on 13 Jan 10 i want to add my hotel in your list
4 1262 Wazling
4 Dec 12 >>
blackangel_66 Hotel Reservation
by blackangel_66 on 28 Oct 09 If I book a hotel room online, how do I know if my reservation was really made? What should I do if I'm not certain…
4 597 reservehotel
9 Oct 12 >>
Sayuri87 Smoking vs non-smoking rooms
by Sayuri87 on 21 Oct 09 Can anyone tell me what are the differences between smoking and non-smoking rooms in a hotel?
1 2011 zangazanga
21 Oct 09 >>
zsoldicsa In hotel with a baby
by zsoldicsa on 1 Oct 09 Do hotels provide me with a cot while I'm staying there? Do they also have other equipment for babies?
2 503 Sayuri87
1 Oct 09 >>
lourencobrandt Hotel in Brazil
by lourencobrandt on 29 Sep 09 How can I put my hotel in your website?
0 443 lourencobrandt
29 Sep 09 >>
zangazanga Last minute booking
by zangazanga on 10 Sep 09 Is it worth to book a hotel room in the last minute? Is it sure that I get a better price?
2 454 MadSuh
10 Sep 09 >>
blackangel_66 Cancellation Penalty
by blackangel_66 on 21 Aug 09 How much do I have to pay if I want to cancel my hotel room?
1 401 zsoldicsa
21 Aug 09 >>
sotoha Accomodation in Genova
by sotoha on 8 Jul 09 Can you help me to find very cheap rooms in Genova(10-13 Euro/person/night)?!
2 360 MadSuh
13 Jul 09 >>
Sayuri87 Vacation with my pet
by Sayuri87 on 6 Jul 09 How do I know if the hotel I want to stay in allows pets? And in general how do I learn in which hotels can…
3 542 margaritaflore
19 Jul 10 >>
blackangel_66 Cheap hotels in Paris
by blackangel_66 on 23 Jun 09 I have found hotel room in Paris for only 38 Euros per night. Can you beat that? :)
It's in Hotel Paris Belleville and you can…
3 618 Bassel-Zarwi
23 Aug 11 >>
pamsplace Fantastic Hotel In San Antonio TX
by pamsplace on 28 May 09 The Dury Inns and suites in San Antonio Tx was a fantastic place to stay across the street from the famed Riverwal , we got…
3 614 Sayuri87
4 Jun 09 >>
Guinevere1988 Cheap hotels/pubs in the United Kingdom
by Guinevere1988 on 18 May 09 Hello everyone,
Could somebody please tell me how much would a night cost in a Hotel or a Pub in various cities from the United Kingdom?…
0 492 Guinevere1988
18 May 09 >>
ultimatetravel Do you prefer 5 star Hotel or just ordinary Hotel?
by ultimatetravel on 17 May 09 Want to know your ideas about this one, since we are tightening our belts and maybe some enlightenment for those who wants to travel and…
6 641 syed
7 Jul 11 >>
erato English Breakfast vs. Continental Breakfast
by erato on 20 Apr 09 Could anyone tell me please what is the difference between English and Continental breakfast? Hotel rooms with Continental breakfast are much cheaper. Why is that…
6 3289 erato
23 Apr 09 >>
zlorii Anyone tried EuroRest hotel checks?
by zlorii on 26 Aug 08 Do anyone tried eurorest hotel checks or have any experience with them?
3 1035 Sascha88
12 Aug 11 >>
tina Cheapest hotel rates for 3 adults and 1 child, for 1 night
by tina on 21 Aug 08 How much would it be for three adults and one child to stay at a hotel for one day?
2 474 zlori
18 May 09 >>
* Accommodation and safaris in Kenya
by Anonymous on 2 Jul 05 We organize safaris for the elderly, youths, groups, business, tours, air, excursions, beach holidays, last minute hotel booking, accommodation, car hire and sell, mountain climbing,…
0 1138
2 Jul 05 >>
* Accommodation in South America
by Anonymous on 16 May 05 Rent fully equipped apartments in the center of the city per week or month. English assistance. Owners - no commission. Write to:
1 1209 dulioall
28 Aug 09 >>
* Hotels in Lissabon
by Anonymous on 19 Oct 04 Hi,
does anyone know a nice little hotel in Lisbon?
Thanks :)
2 1403 Johny
14 Sep 11 >>
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