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Hong Kong, Macau Trip

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posted by CReneFriborg on 15 Nov 2012
Hong Kong, Macau Trip
is it cheaper if you go to Macau first, then travel to Hong Kong via ferry? Or the other way around? I'm just wondering what would be the best option for my upcoming vacation.
kachou_n responded to Hong Kong, Macau Trip on 17 Nov 2012
Well, first of all run a few searches to compare airfare ticket prices - I did and apparently tickets are more expensive to Macau than to Hong Kong. Obviously it depends on your departure location too. I ran a search for LAX->Macau, best price came in was $1,122 from Eva Air. Same search for LAX->Hong Kong returns $896 as best price with China Air.
tylerd responded to Hong Kong, Macau Trip on 17 Nov 2012
@kachou_n: agreed.
@CReneFriborg: what is your departure and your travel dates?
itachan responded to Hong Kong, Macau Trip on 4 Dec 2012
It would make sense if your destination would be Macau and not Hong Kong. Flights to Macau tends to be more expensive.

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