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posted by shubhra1 on 31 May 2012
Hi Guys, My name is shubhra. i love travelling soo much so i am here with you!
Torontoguy responded to Traveling on 31 May 2012
Hi Shubhra, welcome, where are you from?
Wazling responded to Traveling on 1 Jun 2012
Let's guess, your name sounds a little Indian, am I right?
Elza responded to Traveling on 11 Jun 2012
As far as I know Shubhra is an Indian female name. But tell us more about yourself. Where do you like to travel?
shubhra1 responded to Traveling on 14 Jun 2012
Hi, Yes, i am indian girl but now i live in the UK. last week me and my some friends planning to holidays. but which destinations is best for holidays? so i am decided to Jamaica because Jamaica is one of the most prominent tourist destinations in the entire Caribbean region. am i right?
cristina responded to Traveling on 18 Jun 2012
Hi, welcome
shubhra1 responded to Traveling on 19 Jun 2012
thanx to all for reply!

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thankx Latika & jack_Zack.
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