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posted by micheal222 on 14 Aug 2012
Introduction Thread
I could find any introduction thread therefore I introduced one, anyhow I am Michael Reeds and I live in Cardiff, Wales.
Currently I am pursuing my graduation in Brand Management from the University of Glamorgan.
I have always tried to learn new things and find new ways and that is why I chose marketing and promotion as my primary field of interest as well as future job industry.
I have joined this forum because there is traveler in me and I always loved to take pleasure trip not very far off up till now but still I have visited Northern Wales, Edinburg and some areas of main land Europe.
I am now about to complete my qualification and this will give me an opportunity of free time as well as job to accumulate enough money to visit different places across the globe.
cipristb responded to Introduction Thread on 14 Aug 2012
hey Michael,

Tell us something more about Wales and Edinburg - what should I add to my must-see / must-visit list in Edinburg?
sushikedvenc responded to Introduction Thread on 14 Aug 2012
Welcome from my part, too!
Jackwil80 responded to Introduction Thread on 15 Aug 2012
Welcome to the forum. i am the newest member of this forum guys, warm greetings and i hope we all get to learn and share from this forum. was browsing through the various topics and seems the community is quite resourceful:)
jazz90 responded to Introduction Thread on 15 Aug 2012
Hello Everyone, my name is James Martin and I live in London. I am a student of marketing and currently living with my parents. I am in the final semester of B.A Hons , Business Strategy from East London University. I am traveler by choice and I love to travel far off places and up till now I have seen many places of main land Europe, Scotland and Wales. An enthusiastic Olympic time is over and now I am again all set to travel and this time I have selected the Islands of Maldives in South Asia for the Summer break.

Thanks Mic for this thread and by virtue of which I am saying Hello to everyone.
GerryW80 responded to Introduction Thread on 17 Aug 2012
Nice of you to create a welcome mat for everyone Micheal! welcome to the forum :)
jazz90 responded to Introduction Thread on 17 Aug 2012
Hey I wanna know about Scotish and Welish culture, I have never been there in spite of living in London since childhood.
keralholidays responded to Introduction Thread on 20 Aug 2012
hi friends, i am new for this forum.
ACtravel responded to Introduction Thread on 24 Aug 2012
Hi everyone! My name's Michael. I'm also new here
GerryW80 responded to Introduction Thread on 26 Aug 2012
Welsh culture is quite uncommon, but rather distinctive. Do you know much about the Welsh dragon?
Jackwil80 responded to Introduction Thread on 27 Aug 2012
You could learn alot about the Welsh culture along the coast on St. David's day. its supposed to be quite inspiring :)
jazz90 responded to Introduction Thread on 27 Aug 2012
Gerrw80 I am unsure about the Welsh Dragon, can u enlighten me please?
mark90 responded to Introduction Thread on 27 Aug 2012
I hereby introduce myself as the newest member of this online community and I am Mark Allison. I live Manchester and basically from Lebanon (although never been there), I have spent most of my time in Malaysia because of my father’s job in aviation industry. I am currently pursuing my graduation in sustainable performance management from Manchester Metropolitan University where I attend school in day and work at evening in a cinema theater. I am fond of traveling and moving around the world where I can see new places, learn different cultures and meet different people.
vinny90 responded to Introduction Thread on 27 Aug 2012
Woa Woa, this is pretty messy here, anyhow I am Vincent Chase I like to make friends, meet different people and hangout with maximum dudes. In short I am a social freak and this habit has made me travel far off place but due to monetary constraints I couldn’t made up to mark but still hopes are high I am studying as well as working on local store at Leeds UK. I am studying theater from Leeds Metropolitan University.
billl88 responded to Introduction Thread on 27 Aug 2012
Laughable indeed, it reminds me Simpson episode when last jump by Bart's friend breaks up the pool made by them to fight summers, because I am also a newbie.My name is Bill Morrison and I live in Luton UK. I am a student of finance and currently pursuing CIMA-UK from London School of Business and Finance Luton Campus. I like to play games and watch movies, especially comedies and this is why my sense of humor has developed in a very positive manner. I like to socialize and I make friends very easily, it may be because of my funny nature or might be because I try hard to make friends by doing well to everyone. This online community has attracted me to gain knowledge and play with it.
AlistarJ80 responded to Introduction Thread on 28 Aug 2012
Well Jazz i'd be glad to tell you a little that i now about the red dragon. The Welsh Dragon is on Wales flag itself, called Y Ddaig Goch, which means "The red dragon". This symbol is used in sculptures and logos of many companies in Wales. There is one such motif of the dragon on Felinfoel Brewery's logo as well
jazz90 responded to Introduction Thread on 28 Aug 2012
Well thank you Ali, it is quite enlightening though!
GerryW80 responded to Introduction Thread on 30 Aug 2012
Seems like this introduction thread has gathered all the highly educated members together:D one thing in common, we all love travelling:)
macclee responded to Introduction Thread on 2 Sep 2012
like as post the question about your thinking that is the threads
anonymous responded to Introduction Thread on 8 Sep 2012
Everyone i am a travel consultant from united kingdom joined with dearflight .
mikehorne responded to Introduction Thread on 11 Sep 2012
hi this is mike here .
nioandrew11 responded to Introduction Thread on 13 Sep 2012
My name is nio and i am a painter.i am here for sharing my reviews i will try to give my best.
Abelard01 responded to Introduction Thread on 14 Sep 2012
Hello all,

Nice to meet you. I am Abelard Balthasar just come to this community forum. I am very much excited to take part in discussions. This forum is very informative. Hope all members will co-operate with me, also I want to share my knowledge.

Thanks a lot.
Abelard Balthasar

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