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posted by Classigirl on 31 Jan 2012
Florence Italy
It is fabulous a treat for those who love art and architecture Florence city is believed to have the largest concentration of Renaissance art and architecture in the world. Painters such as Cimabue and Giotto the fathers of Italian painting, lived in Florence.
stef responded to Florence Italy on 2 Feb 2012
Ohh, I love Florence so much, Italy is a perfect country and Florence is its pearl...
cipristb responded to Florence Italy on 2 Feb 2012
Indeed, Florence was/is one of the centers of Italian Renaissance, the Uffizi is one of the oldest museums in the whole world and it is breahtaking, and there are loads of other wonderful places, Uffizi is just my favorite. :)
Belle responded to Florence Italy on 13 Feb 2012
No wonder Florence is so popular among tourists, it is in my top 3 cities in Italy.
danieldsouza responded to Florence Italy on 23 Feb 2012
I also love to travel Florence as Florence Italy's historical center is a classified as a World Heritage Site. Florence is incredibly internationally famous and rich in monuments, museums, churches and places. Florence County has plenty to enjoy: hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, ATV trail riding, snowmobiling, skiing, and all the other wilderness experiences that this unspoiled area has to offer.

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