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Top 10 Popular European Winter Holiday Destinations

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posted by afiluddinbd on 25 Dec 2011
Top 10 Popular European Winter Holiday Destinations
1. Florence, Italy
2. Rome, Italy
3. Istanbul, Turkey
4. Vienna, Austria
5. Athens, Greece
6. London, United Kingdom
7. Paris, France
8. Prague, Czech Republic
9. Barcelona, Spain and
10. Munich, Germany
Belle responded to Top 10 Popular European Winter Holiday Destinations on 26 Dec 2011
I would also add Warsaw in Poland it is an amazing city, summer and winter alike!
papillon responded to Top 10 Popular European Winter Holiday Destinations on 27 Dec 2011
What about the Swiss cities? The beautiful Zurich, Geneva or Bern, they are all breathtaking, as any city in Switzerland, for that matter. :) At least one of these should be on the list, plus, they have all been on the top most livable cities in the world in the last years.
athenalove responded to Top 10 Popular European Winter Holiday Destinations on 4 Jan 2012
Paris is a little overrated I think, and so is London. They are beautiful and have a lot to see, but expensive and very crowded which takes away a lot of their charms.
stokholm responded to Top 10 Popular European Winter Holiday Destinations on 10 Jan 2012
Hi everybody!
For the New Year's Eve I was in Belgrade. It is a wonderful city,and the people too. I stayed in some apartment in the downtown.
So i just want to thank all people from there for great time when I was there,and tell people about that beautiful city!
heiji262 responded to Top 10 Popular European Winter Holiday Destinations on 12 Jan 2012
2. Rome, Italy
7. Paris, France
I like these two locations
city ​​of romance and poetic
Dalenevalorie responded to Top 10 Popular European Winter Holiday Destinations on 17 Jan 2012

According to me if it is an winter season then i would prefer to go for an skiing and snowboarding

The places for skiing and snowboarding:

1.Val d'lsere
2.Les Trois Vallees
3.Vaud Villars canton
5.Sahoro, Japan
9.Cancún Yucatán

When we go for a winter holiday there is generally one of two things on our mind. One is to escape the cold, wet, winter months for a while and enjoy more temperate climates, bask in brilliant sunshine on a foreign beach and maybe take in a little snorkelling, sailing or some other water sports.
So try these places and have an pleasant and chill vacation.
gfere40 responded to Top 10 Popular European Winter Holiday Destinations on 2 Apr 2012
Hi there,
Haven't anybody of you visited Papigo? Papigo is one of the most beautiful winter places to be, check everything regarding that and you will see that I am right about that.
Also I will be happy to see some of you in Papigo, skiing, trekking and any other extreme sport you like

mikehenry responded to Top 10 Popular European Winter Holiday Destinations on 21 Apr 2012
oh! great information about European winter holiday destinations.Thanks for sharing.
cristina responded to Top 10 Popular European Winter Holiday Destinations on 12 Jul 2012
European Winter Holidays are always great holidays to enjoy. The destinations mentioned here will give you holidays with lots of joy and unique experiences. Thanks for sharing this very useful information here.
AlistarJ80 responded to Top 10 Popular European Winter Holiday Destinations on 24 Aug 2012
westalan80 responded to Top 10 Popular European Winter Holiday Destinations on 30 Aug 2012
My winter escape destinations in Europe :
And to top it off, travel by train through the snowy majestic landscape!!!
mikytamp responded to Top 10 Popular European Winter Holiday Destinations on 8 Jan 2013
Europe has so many holiday destinations. This list of favorite destinations is missing a country that is Ireland. In last few years so many tourists are coming to Ireland for visit this wonderful place of the world.

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