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Can someone tell me something about Romania

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posted by alinpop23 on 18 Jun 2007
Can someone tell me something about Romania
Can someone tell me something about Romania
Guinevere1988 responded to Can someone tell me something about Romania on 18 May 2009
I think Romania is a beautiful place. You should visit it. There are a lot of mountains, historic cities and even a sea side. Most of the Romanian people speak a foreign language, so you won't get lost. However be careful with taxi drivers. In the moment they realize you are a tourist they are going to take you on the longest way to your destination. :D

I would recommend you to visit Transylvania, it is the most beautiful part of Romania. You could visit here Dracula's castle for example. Even though vampires don't exist don't forget your necklace of garlic home. :D
erato responded to Can someone tell me something about Romania on 18 May 2009
"Most of the Romanian people speak a foreign language"... hmmm, are you sure about this? :) For me the way village people speek Romanian seems to be a foreign language. :D Regards
cipristb responded to Can someone tell me something about Romania on 18 May 2009
In summer I can recomand you to visit the seaside or if you are not an amator of the part and you like the montains you can go in Fagaras Montains, you can visit the Churches of Moldova wich is a region in Romania not the country of Moldova. Another objective for visiting could be the Dracula Castle wich is situated near Bran not far away from Brasov. In Maramures wich is a region in the north-west of Romania another objective to visit could be the Merry Cemetery (Cimitirul Vesel) located in the village of Sapanta.
There are many nice places to visit in Romania, those about I've told you before are just a few of them.
mmiller661 responded to Can someone tell me something about Romania on 5 Sep 2011
We'll try to visit Bran Castle, in Bran. It is a national monument and landmark in Romania. Commonly known as "Dracula's Castle".
mikehenry responded to Can someone tell me something about Romania on 25 Apr 2012
In terms of tourism potential, Romania benefits from splendid cities, scattered on the smooth plains or high peaks. These include Sibiu, a city built by Saxons, with cobblestone streets and colorful houses. The Hunyad Castle, one of the most important monuments of Gothic architecture in Transylvania, can be visited in the picturesque city of Hunedoara. Also, resortssuch as Baile Felix, Baile Herculane and Baile Tusnad are points of interest for local and foreign tourists.The Romanian seaside is the most developed tourist area of Romania.

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