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What to do in Dubai for 2 days

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posted by robeve on 26 Aug 2008
What to do in Dubai for 2 days
angel responded to What to do in Dubai for 2 days on 26 Aug 2008
Hi! I haven't been yet in Dubai but I heard many things of it. There are many sightseeing options listed here: Beside this you can go to see Burj Al Arab Hotel Dubai, a seven star hotel, the only one of its kind in the whole world, and also go shopping! And if you do so, don't forget that bargaining is a must...start negotiating at half price the vendor asks :) Another thing I would surely try out is indoor snow skiing at the Mall of Emirates.
MadSuh responded to What to do in Dubai for 2 days on 21 Sep 2008
you should try to see burj al arab. Check out some local restaurants (on the street) nothing fancy. Also check out the mall of the emirates, it's got indoor skiing and is certainly very cool. Finally drive around to check out the incredible sky scrapers and construction sites!

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